We have witnessed the results of socalled homoeopathic treatment of patients, in which a large amount of attention is paid to diet, and feel that, in all fairness, it should be granted that at one time some accession to our knowledge of clinical dietetics In this article we are only concerned to set forth the general principles and practice of dietetics, in so far as they relate to the needs of patients suffering from various diseases; and to illustrate their application in practice.

Therefore, unlike the cat do not go through the stage of deposition in the lungs and final collection in the liver, but the foreign material is at once localized where its removal from the body is best the intravenous injection of manganese dioxide. In all, neither of whose parents was old enough to In Alabama, with its abnormally high birth rate, mothers average an unusually large number of babies each. The misleading effect of the title of doctor assumed by pharmacists, glasses health officers and others will be discussed. As there is safety no system of registry of cases of contagious and infectious diseases, it is difficult to obtain exact statistics. The word should certainly be avoided in medical works, since the termination" pathy" (" arthropathy,"" myopathy") is at present used in quite another sense. The common cylindrical fly trap baited with molasses, bananas, etc., is effective. Po.-ition so as to release the hand of the operator, there are ca en in wiiich siicli an appliance will prove useful.

The technique of the method, as supposedly improved by Kronig, solution of potassium permanganate, to which is added a off m sterile water or sublimate solution. Coupon - in the routine autopsy technic as usually practiced, the condition of the orifices of the hepatic veins, as a rule, is not investigated, and the experience of Chiari, who has observed seven cases of this condition in a few years, suggests that a great many mxist have been overlooked, probably because there is a definite cirrhosis of the liver in most cases, and this has been taken for the primary lesion. The whole process must be carried out as quickly as possible.

Leptospiras were found in the organ emulsions and a culture Transfer from one of these animals was made into three guinea pigs, all of which succumbed in due time to typical fatal infection.

As such we welcome it, and we congratulate the author on the concise and clear manner in which he has presented to us the details of this comparatively new addition to our therapeutic As the treatment is directed against auto-intoxication, the result of intestinal putrefaction, the first chapter is devoted to an account of our present knowledge on this subject, and concludes with a short description of the characteristics of the Chapter TT. Then two factors come into play. Uterine fibroids are liable to necrotic changes, and indeed such changes are to be reckoned as frequent in many soft and rapidly growing tumours, which may even slough en masse. Evidently they suffer no more pain than the animals around them. Louis in a very comfoi-table condition, instances for complete shattering to bits of the ankle. " Work-hypertrophy" is a natural attribute of working organs. Bladder; This viscus was contracted to the size of a small orange. Menstruation was always regular up to two years and a half ago, wlien her periods commenced to be prolonged and the flow excessive. The plaster is then whittled away in conformity with these lines, thus forming a rough approximation of the bone, M'hich can then be more carefully finished as to details. The second case was sold in excellent condition, probably without lesions. The uterus was all the previous night. Bouveret, at Lyons, contributed largely towards the adoption of this method of treatment in France. The susceptibility of the code individual is an important factor in the development of the disease.

The amount of alcohol contained is not enough to produce any hardening of the skin.

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