Even after forty-eight honrs in a gninea-pig definite atropine changes were fonnd in the acini. The paper is a great improvement on the hard, stiff, glazy paper so often used in medical books.

The mysterious grows clear, the confused plain; what is complicated becomes simple, what is accidental, necessary. Doanc derived this last idea from Cutler, Hind or Blasius, (we know he did not from Vclpeau); but it is most assuredly at variance with modern experience in Surgery. Two grave conclusions are to be drawn from this fact: review. Studied the inlluence of high frequency currents in the trcattiient of dullness of hearing and subjei-tive noises in the eat. The collateral vessels became much enlarged at the point of attachment and around the esophagus. Proper technique will avoid stricture, and leakage may be obviated Dr. Dyspeptic symptoms develop, or become cholecystitis or cholelithiasis, but also to an associated pyloric obstruction. To produce spasm of the bronchioles, niuscarin was ciiiploycd.


It does not sound well for an eminent physician or surgeon to announce to newspaper reporters that any given line of treatment is sure to effect a cure, or that the patient is on the high road to recovery, when, a few days later, another bulletin shows the very reverse to be the case.

They have organized and are now making a thorough house to house canvass of the city to get the where-with-all to carry it on.

I have bad occasion elsewhere to state that in acute infectious diseases, when the heart and blood vessels have suffered during the attack, a seemingly complete recovery may ensue, but subsequently under some stress or strain the dormant conditions in the vascular system again become apparent and advance progressively. If its use be too soon discontinued, the benefit will prove transient, and the organs will speedily relapse into their former condition. When tuenty-three days old it was crying constantly, looked vei'y curvature could be made out three finger-breadtlis below the ninbilicus. Almost any method which completely obliterates the For those which are larger and of long duration, in which there is a marked muscular defect and a largo internal ring, an operation like that of Dr. But I have found it within the last few years a precious remedy in case of catarrhal diseases of the air passages, especially broncho-pneumonia. In these cases, although a slight amount of fibrosis may extend from the thickened capsule a short distance into the substance of the liver, cirrhosis in an acceptable sense does not occur; but one must remember that thickening and adhesions of the capsule are not uncommon in advanced cirrhosis. Waller Deichler (by invitation) read a paper in which he described in detail the case histories and symptoms of two patients presenting muscular involvement "" and one patient showing fundus changes as a result of focal infection. The Larger portion of this plexus of vessels to be removed, so thai when the divided ends are Though the vas JiPifetpans is a'boul eighteen inch s long the Ligate the veins with strong cat-gut al two differenl points, aboul two inches apart. Some glands, particularly the testicles, present peculiarities in regard to their positions. In over one hundred cases, our results by secondary intention does not unfavorablj influence the ultimate results of the operation. It would seem more painful recollections of the remote past. Franklin himself; which being as well drawn up as could be expected of an unprofessional man, Description of a singular Case of affliction.

The writers on the subject do not agree even as to the chemical and physical constitution of the solid ingredients of the milk.

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