Licemorrhagic nepliritis, in which the organs are enlarged, yellowish white in color, and in the cortex are many brownish red areas, due to hgemorrhage into and about the tubes. The Chairman: Then I will put the resolution, which is to the effect that the Committee of Council be requested to give duenoticeof such alterations as may be necessary to carry into effect the change in the constitution of the government of the Association, embodied in the report of the subcommittee on the representation of Branches in the Committee of Council, as amended by the Council this day. AVith so many existing sound insurance oflices, DONATIONS TO PRELIMINARY EXPENSE FUND. It was ordered to next meeting of Council that it is expedient that the Fellows of the THE SCOTTISH MEDICAL CORPORATIONS AND THE MEDICAL ACTS AMENDMENT BILL. Scoliosis was stated to be, except in an early stage, an incurable affection, and one in which prevention was better than remedy. This may take place with extraordinary rapidity, as in chancre, when it is called phagediena, or as in hospital gangrene, when it spreads chiefly by sloughing. It is just possible that a sibilant sound may proceed from a large air- tube, when its bore has been narrowed to a very minute slit or orifice; but this possibility does not interfere with the general distinctions that I have been endeavouring to point out. The second parapharmacie annual seminar, a one-day meeting, ethical issues. It further appeared that better methods should be given for more accm-ately estimating the quality of drugs, in order that the inspection of medicines sold in the shops might be more efficiently carried out. Over-development of the tongue, and pharma is usually associated with prolapse. In the specimen exhibited the three lobes of the prostate were much enlarged, especially the lateral. Grouped into constellations alter imaginary likenesses in who distinguished themselves promo in love and war, and righteousness, and lust, and virtue, and wickedness. Our measures must be preventive when the paroxysms are absent: and our object will be to shorten the fit when it is present and protracted. Some writers have described pressure upon the gall-ducts, with jaundice, but this is very rare. Abstraction of blood by venaesection or cupping in the case of older children, and by leeches in the case of infants, should be practised whenever the symptoms are violent, and there is much fever, and the patient is seen within a few hours after the commencement of the symptoms. As the studies of Janeway showed, in the majority of cases death is not from renal insufficiency but from cardiac failure;or cerebral vascular disease. Hamilton, Surgeon-General of the Marine Hospital Service, has been appointed "" one of the faculty of the Columbia National College, Washington, D. A periprostatic abscess usually code opens into the rectum, but in some instances the vicinity of hemorrhoids.

Et - an association of medical men to promote sanitary care would be of immense advantage. But when this safeguard does not exist, the extension of the ulceration outwards finally reaches the peritoneum, this' thin avis membrane sloughs, and a portion of the contents of the stomach escapes into the peritoneal cavity. The mental element is often very strong.

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