The pupils were sensible to light. Remedies which may, sometimes, be associated with the internal use of Opium, in this disease, are Bismuth, in doses of twenty to thirty grains (half a teaspoorful); Acetate of Lead, (Sugar of Lead,) in doses of three to five grains; Sulphate of Copper in doses of a twelfth to a fourth of a grain; Tannin in doses of ten to twenty grains, and the various vegetable astringents, among which are Rhatany, Kino, Catechu, Logwood, White Oak Bark, Witch Hazel, White Pond Lilly Root, etc.

The slough is moist, and separating. The child was b ru with animation suspended; and while I was inflating the lungs, an immense gush of blood suddenly took place, and she fainted. The inscription on his monument at St.

In a region which, in the extent and diversity of its mineral wealth, has no equal on the globe, the riches of the mines in the hills are already surpassed by the productions of the irrigated farms in the valleys, and the nation at large is at last awakening to the fact that the development of the use of the rivers and arid lands of the West will constitute one of the most important epochs in our increase in population and material wealth. It has been suggested that the visionary doctrines of non-erUiHes and homoeopathic speculations have had their share also in producing this change in practice.

Suddenly all this is interrupted, the child is expelled from the little world within, and has to flni nourishment else organi-sm, from tills ciuingo from tlio uteruH to tUo breast, cauHes what is the HyHtem.

Wiien the vomiting has ceased, if the bowels continue moving, if the child is not inclined to be stupid an injection of two to live drops of Laudanum may be given, with half a teaspoonful of milk in a small hard If the child is nursing it should be confined wholly to the breast, and then only allowed to draw small quantities at a time. One marked characteristic of Arsenicum is, that all the sufferings of the patient, pains in the limbs, etc., increase in intensity during the paroxysm, and others develop themselves; another is, its marked periodicity, generally, either Tertian or Quartan, and the rigors generally setting in towards evening. Key's dogmatism was excessive, and many are the stories current of the way in which he always maintained his supremacy. Three of these were Honorary Fellows, one of them Foreign, and two English; of the other sixteen, five were non-resident, and eleven resident Fellows. She had returned to her household duties, and I heard from time to time that she was free from pain and haematuria, and much satisfied with the result of the operation. CHLOROSIS OB GREEN SICKNESS-EMANSIO MENSIUM. The with Jupiter; the foul years and epidemics continuing under passing over the higher apsis of the earth's orbit again, and miles nearer the earth than in the winters when in conjunction with the sun. His spleen, however, was then enlarged, though less so than formerly. Martin in the liver and spleen were found on microscopical examination to consist of localised dense small cell infiltration around the vessels. - in spinal gliosis, a few cases of benefit from a decompressive incision of the cord have been reported, but this method of treatment is still in its infancy. Ovaritis may be acute or chronic; the former may terminate in resolution, or its end may be complicated by paraphuoric adhesion or abscess, or true ovarian abscess, or it may end in the chronic form of the disease; the latter may last for several years. This answered the purpose xdthout discomfort and xoithout excoriation during the whole of the rest of the treatment. O'Hanlon in the paper read by him at a meeting of the Manchester Statistical Society in the same year. Apples and green corn were dried in the sun;, indian corn was preserved dry in the crib; potatoes, cabbages, and turnips were kept fresh in the cellar; some beef was dried; pork and beef were pickled in brine; squashes and pumpkins were kept for some time after the harvest without rotting, and so on with a few other products of the farm and garden. In many cases, this pressure is never great; and in many the increased power and action of the heart are manifested at so early a stage of gestation, that mechanical pressure is inappreciable. You may easily make this simple experiment in any young healthy mammalian animal; take some of the fluid from a lymphatic gl.and or mesenteric gland, or the thymus; the corpuscles will be about rsVoth of an inch in diameter, and but very little affected when they are treated with acetic acid, even after having been steeped for several hours therein.

The most suitable constitutional treatment appears to be the daily use of the hot douche, and hot hip bath, and rest much of the time in the reclining posture. Of atropine, one Tioth of a grain is given three times a-day.

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