Once or twice only have I ever resorted to warm or vapor baths as adjuvants in the course, and never but in one single instance have I witnessed a relapse, and that case was so peculiar that I propose, at some future leisure moment, lo give it The treatment is simply this. It is not a reflected image of the capillaries that is seen in the eye, it is a transparent view of'them. The patient gave a history of tonsillitis and bronchitis three weeks previously. He returned to a miasmatic situation, A purgative, followed by xxv.

Should future investigation demonstrate the truth of what seems now almost an established fact, the elements which have stood against subdivision into their component parts may as it seems be divided into atoms of electricity. Superior laryngeal, paralysis of the, suprascapular, diseases of the, xi. To an importation of a few of these illustrations by Mr. There was in this case a very unusual occurrence, a remarkable exemption from leucorrhcea, which induced me to suppose there could be very little, if any, inflammation, and therefore to defer so long the use of the speculum. Filters of wool, linen, paper, powdered glass, sand or charcoal, may be used, according as the liquid is more or less dense, or of a nature to operate upon any one of these bodies. This patient was brought in comatose, and has been passing Nitric acid showed that this color was due to the presence of Lender the use of stimulants, sulphate of quinia, and nutritious diet, this patient recovered, slowly. I have seen the disease at all ages, from sixty downwards. There is a moderate amount of callous surrounding the fracture, which is easily broken down.

She has good sized teats and is a free easy milker. This yellow substance is, therefore, an oxidation product of cholesterol. The exposed situation would seem to favor infection. The most certain and appropriate remedy is extirpation to a sufficient extent and depth, whether it may be in the first stage of hardened tubercle, or in the commencement of ulceration; in this case, immediately after the extirpation the actual cautery should be applied, with a view to the destruction of the stratum of tissue beneath, which having syu;pathized in the morbid alteration, might otherwise tend to reproduce the disease. It measured two inches across the teeth, and was of a corresponding thickness. The urine is often simultaneously chylous, and in some cases tumefaction of the inguinal glands has alternated with the appearance of chyle in the urine. Leaving by way of the The typhoid organism outside of the human body is not a very hardy organism, tending to die out rapidly in water. This, if continued, produces a chronic chronic disease of the lung tissue.

As all these admit of being measured by numbers, you should tabulate them in your records of cases, and you will find on each succeeding day (under such circumstances as I am now referring to) the figure assignable to each function gradually become lower until you arrive at the normal. Such patients will pay no attention to anything said to them, unless it is to curse whoever has interrupted them. The Hindoo Bitters are not an intoxicating beverage, nor can they be used as such by reason of their cathartic properties, and being purely vegetable, they are classed strictly as a medical agent, and can be given at all times with beneficial results. As a general rule tubercular peritonitis of this kind begins suddenly, whilst typhoid is usually preceded by a period in which the patient has been weak, feeble, and feverish, In the former, pain in the abdomen is more marked, and there is tenderness over different parts; whilst pain in the latter is rarelysevere, and any tenderness that may be present is confined to the iliac region. There can be no question, that in the majority of instances in which phthisis has been produced through acquired syphilis are peculiar and characteristic, and distinguish it somewhat from other forms of phthisis.

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