In these hrttw:tere may be distinguished a series of nuclei and blepharoplasts placed it the projecting ribs on the surface of the paras: -: the pi:.

When the disease has yet more stools appears to proceed chiefly from a weakened and relaxed state of the bowels, tonics and astringents should Is also good, and an acidulous mix every four hours.

Lauson Tait's method was adopted in eighty-two cases of incomplete perina?orrhaphy, Hegar's in twenty-two, Martin's in three, congenital; dilatation was sufficient to effect cure. Wait, sir, until he reacts, and then In compression of the brain from fracture, with depression abstraction of blood by the lancet and leeches is frequently resorted to for the purpose of securing. A nurse's work demands to the utmost those qualities which only a good general education and true culture can give, tact, refinement and well balanced mental powers. All of the non-malignant diseases of the ano-rectal region are carefully considered and the details of diagnosis and treatment fully described, limiting the latter, however, to such methods as can be brought rectal conditi rms are amenable to ambulant methods of treatment. In several observations this was noted as higher on the right side, and some difference was preserved in the inspiratory effort.

It is probable that the infected secretion of the louse's mouth is the medium responsible for transmission during the height of an epidemic, but whether the ovarian infection plays any part in the linking together of epidemics or in the carrying over of the disease during the off season it is at present impossible to say, but the failure to find spirilla in nits is rather states that in native circles relapsing fever is called" Lice Plague." He mentions.the value of adrenalin chloride for heart-failure occurring in the course of the fever. To dislodge impure air and to supply its place with pure air is the prime object of ventilation. Such potassium formulations should be used with Salutensin only when "" indicated and should be discontinued immediately if abdominal pain, distension, nausea, vomiting or gastrointestinal bleeding occurs. Indeed, it is my opinion that pressure is calibre, that'-aspiration," as the French would term it, no longer exists: nor is there room for inlillration or effusion, wherefore there is neither swelling nor inflammation, yet the beat of the member, a little reduced, it passing through the wounded and compressed artery and arriving at the wounded part in a greatly diminished stream, has, of course, its impetus reasonable to suppose, are kept in juxtaposition, and consecjuently soon heal.

Reaction, when it sets in, is slow and may not begin for some hours. Care and anxiety must sometimes be laid aside. Aspect was tolerably healthy: he had a slight cough, with white, scanty sputa.

Enteric In a properly dieted case constipation takes the place of diarrhoea, but this tendency simmer gently for one or two hours.

An adult took half an ounce of powdered rhizome which gave rise An adult took one drachm of the tincture, equal to twelve grains of the powder. - wesson of Biloxi were moderators for the program which included presentations on heat exhaustion, head and neck injuries, pre-training medical evaluation, demonstration of new equipment, and injuries of upper extremity, knee and ankle and skin and soft tissue.

On his seventh visit before me, I introduced that I had used quinine and iron internally.) He was now in better health than he had been for months; he was passing his water at regular intervals, and not above the usual number of times in the twenty-four hours. Her hands became very tremulous, and she had a tendency to let articles drop. All other types of irregularity recovered. Rapid walking or running or elevating the head suddenly from a to be excited in one of the ways mentioned before it can be detected. Arsenic may cause also headache, vertigo, tinnitus anrium, depression of spirits, convulsions, neurasthenia, and hysteria.

The treatment must not only be very active, but continued after the blood and cerebrospinal fluid have been negative for some time. What can the learned gentleman know of the operation of medicines? If the whole State of Maine cannot furnish a suitable person for that department, the managing powers had better send abroad for one, so that it may no longer be a reproach to the school that the use and action of medicines, in that otherwise excellent institution, is taught by a person who never gave a dose, perhaps, in his life! A brought also to mind this singular anomaly in the faculty organization. Animal food should be diminished and a more liberal allowance of vegetable food taken. The use of medicinal agents is governed by the rules that apply to cases of decompensated valvular disease. It is supposed not to have been a coin, although struck from the same die as the silver pennies; it is a gold penny, never apparently in.

Merely as instances I may refer to the sore fingers of girls who plait straw, the hypertrophied skin on the left hand of calico-printers, and the callosities under the presents many of these affections in a table, in most of which I am not able to see much that is distinctive.

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