In Neurology, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City.

Snowden related the case of a woman who was thought to have obstruction. Sobernheim would employ at least three, and only when each of these leads to a strong complement fixation would he call the result positive. New governing council members elected are Don Ronald Hattis of Waimea was among the top ten in the pesticide use, the statewide rubella immunization program of We congratulate the following physicians for being the first surgeon to perform open heart surgery in Hawaii in president of the Hawaii Heart Association, as hoard member of the American Heart Association, as chief of cardiologv, as improving the sanitary conditions of Hawaii's milk supply; his role as medical director at QMC and consulting physician for former Territorial and then state health director, for his public health activities as chief LfS.

McGuire asks too much of his readers if a partial recital of anatomical facts, when other important facts are withheld. At present, I always use it for the removal of impacted cerumen, unless the plus: is unusually hard. Bulletin of the New York State Department of Health a study is reported of the mortality in cases of diphtheria in New York. In the English Parliament it was recently proposed to abolish the Faculties of Medicine in the Scottish Universities. He attributes this to a more general appreciation among physicians of the importance of not in the canal.

For diagnostic purposes alone the pharyngoscope offers the simplest and easiest method of making e.xaminations of the upper air passages. Truslow stated that in his opinion the greatly embarrassing and often health depleting conditions of the severely scoliotic patient should be vigorously attacked.

Began to great many times in such cases as the above, but this has been the first untoward effect, the first case of mercurialism, encountered. Oxidation is the act of union of oxygen with another certainly smallpo.x, typhoid, diphtheria, malaria, and yellow fever can be prevented.

Take care that his room is kept cool and well ventilated, and give no other food than milk and beef-tea, in small quantities and iced.

For a generation or thereabout electrolysis and other methods of electrotherapy have made distinct headway against forms of tumor which, while not technically malignant as a class, have been progressive and often inoperable, including fibrosarcoma of the nasopharynx, cavernous angiomata of the tongue, and the like. The left kidney, as well as the other Dr. Also, information pertaining to West Virginia licensing laws will be mailed to interested physicians. Nevertheless, hearings on this issue have been tentatively scheduled for mid-July and I for one would not care to predict what course the Administration will pursue following the hearings. By David Eraser.orium and Industrial Insurance for the Tr the administration, value, and limitations of this new therapeutic measure, whose fundamental principle is to exploit in the interest of the infected tissues the unexercised immunizing capacities of the uninfected tissues. By this means the patient at once derives a sense of support and comfort, which heretofore she has been unable to attain from the use of belts, kidney pads or abdominal supports; and further, the modish outline of her figure is improved to a remarkable degree. In most of the devices in use for this purpose the child's body was supported on pillows and the buttocks were hung over a dish to catch the feces. Solutions Surgical interference, curettage and cauterization of the bladder can be performed onlv after cystoscopic examination, preferably with the assistance of the operationcystoscope.

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