She, however, rallied, had some slight febrile symptoms, and in a few days was doing duty in her ward. In advanced age a large proportion of the cases of disease of the heart are those of the muscular tissue only, and if any incompetence of the valves be found this may have occurred as a secondary consequence. The first airplane ambulance is bfing operated successfully at Gerstner Field, Lake Charles, La. Bandages, drugs, and dressings are examples of expendable supplies.

On these latter topics we have a few words to say.

For a person killed in action, the emergency medical tag is prepared by the first authorized member of the medical service, either officer or enlisted, who finds or examines the body. If hyperpyrexia occur the cold bath should be resorted to.

This is perhaps as well, for often a belated ornate monument or a name in dispute as to priority in discovery, is all that the public know of a benefactor until gently enticed to read of the history of science in a well written volume like the one we have just laid down. Localized peritonitis), leading to perforation of the appendix and the development of an abscess.

Most honorable and scrupulous regard for the character and standing of the practitioner in attendance; the practice of the latter, if necessary, should be justified as far as it can be, consistently with a conscientious regard for truth, and no hint or insinuation should be thrown out which could impair the confidence reposed in him or affect his reputation.

In other words, we are brought by their investigations to almost precisely the same point as by the observation of Sir AYilliam Gull and Dr Sutton on" arterio-capillary fibrosis." Indeed, it seems clear that the French and the English pathologists have been studjdng the same morbid process, and their general agreement goes far to prove the acciu:acy of their conclusions. Therefore, in speaking of the treatment, the following measures are inclusive in varying combinations, to fit individual requirements: mechanotherapy, Oertel hill climbing exercises, Schott resistance exercises, graduated calisthenics, electrotherapy, eliniinative baths, the various rubs and massage. The here are a few you may want to President Clinton presented a proposal last June to reform Medicare and give seniors federal help in buying prescription drugs. The above is all the treatment I have found necessary in cases uncomplicated with typhoid or First, and most frequent, is fatty degeneration. We often have it long-continued, producing vomiting, diarrhoea, and general derangement of the system, ulceration or excoriation, reaching the stomach and intestines. A serous or serofibrinous exudation is productive of more or less ascites. Within two days from the ingestion of the infected pork occurs the maturation of the muscle larvae; in six days more the birth of embryos occur, and in about two weeks the migrating progeny have arrived at their habitat, the muscular The Filaria sanguinis hominis is an extremely small parasite lymphatics. So common has it become for rontgenologists to attempt to arrive at diagnostic conclusions from their studies alone that it is sometimes difficult to get from them the objective description that one desires, either alone or accompanied by a diagnostic impression.

Van Derveer, in connection, reported a case occurring Dr. The mind remains clear till carbonic acid poisoning occurs. That it seems probable that the fats microscopically visible or chemically demonstrable in tubercles, are derived chiefly or solely from the existing fats and lipoids of the disintegrated cells and are not deposited from the fats in the blood. Lower-extremity involvement is less common, headache is seldom present, and contrary to popular belief, dizziness, vertigo, and frank loss of consciousness are rarely produced by carotid stenosis. When the patient becomes algid, hot baths and hot applications should be employed. The needle is inserted, at right angle to the skin, through the skin and subcutaneous tissue into the underlying muscle.


There is a want of relation between the amount of blood and the vessel that contains it; hence a very similar pulse is felt in cases of haemorrhage, and"the pulse of unfilled arteries" is a name sometimes given to it. Last month an outbreak occurred in Fort Morgan, at Mobile, Ala. Commonly an increased action of the heart. The mother stated that he had not felt well for two days, but he was bright and showed no evidence of illness so far as his appearance went; no inyolvenient of the eyes, and no coryza or cough. It is caused by a narrowing of the tricuspid orifice, has a blubbering quality, and is low in pitch, having its seat of greatest intensity near the ensiform cartilage. The intestine was found l)ruised and covered Avith lymph.

There is therefore a close relation between the two conditions.

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