The courses are based on previous study of normal structure and function and aim to outline the natural history of disease.

Positive results were obtained' with endoperitoneal injection of the virus.

" stream of consciousness" in which we can generally distinguish many" states" or different" contents" of consciousness. After a distinguished studentship he went into practice, where he toiled for twenty years, thereby experiencing the trials and troubles of the medical man in a large industrial centre. It may be true that in a given case the trouble is due to a refractive error easily relieved with glasses, yet, even so, this subject is one of growing importance, and requires of the practitioner a knowledge that can only be obtained, as in all other branches of medicine, by careful and painstaking clinical patients who applied for treatment at the Manhattan Eye over thirty-four per cent, and increasing yearly, we must realize that this is too important a branch of medicine to incorporated institution with power to bestow such a title.

Randburg - order to ensxire insertion in the current issue.

At times, however, the offspring seems to possess almost or quite none of the parental qualities, but to show likeness to grandparents or great-grandparents, either as regards general or as regards particular features or qualities. On finding the larynx of the disease. All special papers should be announced through The Journal at least one month in advance of the annual meeting, giving title, etc., with a brief intimation of what the writers propose to set forth in their AN INCORRECT WOOD CUT IN GRAY'S is a plate representing a view from within the pelvis. It was very likely that they would be spent in hospital work, and they would offer an opportunity ot gaining some insight into the work and functions of the general medical practitioner. Atropine is recommended by Hosch in best narcotic remedy for epileptics. - prior to the annual meeting Dr. The fubject, however, is difficult: The laws of the Nervous Syffem, in the various circumftances of the animal economy, are by no means afcertained; and, from want of attention and obfervation with the view to a fyftem on this fubject, the bufinefs appears to many as an inexplicable myffery. To prevent cracking and to protect it from perspiration, it is covered with a waterproof enamel which is applied by heat.

AU the teaching of the freshman class is done at Calvert and Saratoga Streets. Vomiting and abdominal distension are often present in both the latter types.

Increase of the white blood corpuscles, and decrease of the Hence the study of the pathology of leucocythasmia resolves itself into the study of the nature of the primary anatomical changes By far the most frequent among these changes we find the enlargement of the spleen, and this constitutes the essence of that form of the disease which Virchow has named"splensmia." Splenic leukaemia commences, according to Rindfleisch, with"a organ, and, after a longer or shorter time, is followed by a" considerable increase of volume of the pulp;"t in other words, a true and simple hyperplasia of the latter substance. A microscopic examination of the mucns showed plenty of tubercle bacilli. Guaiac, Salts of Morphine, except with the alkaloids, Fowler's solution, and Acetate of Zinc.

As soon as the fragments of skull become detached by suppuration, the comatose state The greater difficulty in settling this skull question consists in early extraction of splinters, and that some recover their senses very soon after the operation.

ItitermiUcntfeea; in all its atagea, requires this remedy chiefly, Jaandice, arising from vexation, with bilious green evacnations, or Ereeiiisb -brown coated tongue, or sallow skin, yellow eyeballs.

No term in medical nomenclature has been applied so indefinitely and unmeaningly as scrofula. Now, however, that education is beginning to invade the sacred precincts of the purdah, the inmates are no longer content to trust their lives to ignorant crones, I therefore, for women doctors from England is a gen-, uine one, and not one of those philanthropic"fads" which are too often palmed oft" on the British public. Most cases are readily cured by Sodium chloride. So commonly indeed are they found co-existent, that it is quite customary among systematic writers to classify and treat them together. First of all it was resolved to remove the fluid from the chest, under the hope that by thus causing an expansion of the hitherto crippled lung an improvement might be brought about; but, notwithstanding the fact that all through the operation a large quantity of whisky was administered hypodermically, the patient still continued to sink, iiniil her situation seemed as desperate as it could well be.

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