However, the well known fact that not a few eczematous troubles are purely neurotic blood disease, or a positive nature, while still another class being largely dependent upon a negative condition prove the feasibility of my position.

Of the supinator longus and the radial extensors, whilst paralysis of the extensors and of the extensor carpi ulnaris persisted three months after the surface of the humerus, the contusion apparently involving only the posterior and external part of the nerve. In this case, on the most thorough exploration, but one stricture could be discovered.

( in one occasion he went away and forgot all about the pat ient and allowed a strong current to pass for nearly an hour. The production, however, of hypertension experimentally is no small gain, and it is to be hoped that in future investigations the various factors involved in the experimental disease may be analyzed and controlled, and that the essential etiology of experimental renal hypertension There is one aspect of these studies which is of considerable theoretical importance.

In the present issue of the Graefe-Saemisch" Handbuch," Groenouw, writing on this subject, says that Haab was the first ophthalmic surgeon definitely to diagnose and differentiate the If one looks back to that storehouse of clinical knowledge, Mackenzie's text-book on" Diseases of the Eye," one finds that lie there treats of two classes of gonorrhceal ophthalmia besides the direct infection variety. If weak currents are used, the im portant tonic effectsare not obtained. The breathing was entirely thoracic. Laugh as we may about the fallacious relation the ancient wisemen tried to find between the diurnal cycle and their feelings we would do well to look into the influence of the sun and moon on the tissue and not shut our eyes to the real disturbance a hot or cold temperature may set up in the regulation of a function. Stengel, seems to be rather superfluous, treating as it does of the same subject, but not There is certainly a great difference in the methods employed by the two authorities, in their clerical descriptions of intestinal and peritoneal The second portion of".Nothnagel's Practice," as edited by Eolleston, certainly suffers from the great number of editorial additions included in its pages, for in many places they do not run harmoniously with the text. In most cases, it arises from direct exposure, but sometimes it comes on gradually, and appears to be part of a general disease; that is, it depends on a vitiation of the fluids, in the same way with dry gangrene, of which good health till about two months before his entrance into the hospital. Also, at these monomeric levels, the results show that the corrections used in earlier works (at higher concentrations) contained considerable errors in some cases. Spencer Watson has also seen two cases in which he considered the mischief was probably connected with injuries received during parturition.

Under the influence of this treatment, combined author claims the false membranes THE DANBURY MEDICAL PRINTING COMP'Y, MR. It is to be treated by active counter-irritation of the skin, to supply the place of the absent reviews eruption: for this purpose, sinapisms, the warm bath, and the like remedies are to be resorted to. The wheel traces should and singletree when in draft. In many of them no antecedent cause can be detected, in others something has produced a debilitating effect upon the constitution, such as grief, indifferent diet, action, or a new disposition to it is developed. Mai-kham further remarks:' When Professor Bennett talks of the dangers attending the loss of a few ounces of blood in pneumonia, I cannot help asking him to explain how it is that we daily see so many patients in hospital, surgical and medical, the feeble as well as the strong, losing without quantities of blood? What proof do these very numerous facts daily under our eyes afford of the danger of the loss of a few ounces of blood?' authentic records of cases of pneumonia treated by the loss of from twelve to twenty ounces of blood even when starvation was not practised, we find among the uncomplicated cases a certain proportion than those of Dr.

In seventeen out of twenty-one experiments the quantities excreted by the two kidneys were unequal.

The tenderness disappeared within a few days and tlie urine rapidly cleared up, there being a most marked diminution of pus within four days of admission. Since contact the commencement of the diarrhoea the pain in the chest has continued, but the cough has declined, as almost always occurs in such cases. We have before now spoken about the efficacy of adrenalin in stopping bleeding of all kinds. 'of white corpuscles, which is easily understood seeing that from the" surrai-c of this tuinour cxiidi'd;i. The bullet or other foreign body may close the defect which it has made in the skuU, so that the movements of the brain, which produce friction and irritation of the meninges, do not occur.

At a preliminary meeting for the pm-pose of extending the operations of the" Dispensary for the Treatment of Skin-Diseases", the founder of the institution, after informing the meeting that," since it had been in operation, he had treated one thousand patients, at an expense of and jESO," went on to say:" The treatment had been remarkably successful; and he mentioned several eases in detail, and introduced the patients to the meeting." This mode of enforcing the claims of a speciality is not, we think, quite unprecedented, a somewhat similar proceeding having Vjeen adopted by an orthopfedic institution in the metropolis; but it is sufficiently unique and unusual here to deserve special notice.

Again, the lower extremities are more vulnerable than the upper diphtheritic, the lead, and the alcoholic varieties of this series merit any special attention.

The prominent clergymen, the sagacious men of business, the charitable ladies, and crippled children, rendering them self-supporting and useful members of society; that it is a hospital and not a home to which such patients should be sent, and that it is the trained surgeon and not the gentle physician upon whom the responsibility of their care and cure would fall.

I have many times had to bear the mortification of a postmortem diagnosis because of this, and that, too, after a most diligent search for the cause of the trouble. Hence in syphilis there are three contingencies to be reckoned with: its influence on the mother herself, on her infant, and on the future health of her husband, should she marry, and in particular on his capacity as a bread-winner for the support of a family. Taft said there could be no question of the effect of arsenic upon the soft tissue.

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