I diagnosed primary perinephritic abscess, because there was no history of any cause for a secondary abscess.

Type and it must have been the experience of every one in the tropics that these indefinite typeai of beriberi are quite common. The opinion has been quite prevalent that the Turkish form of head, resulting from artificial means to adapt it to the turban, has become changed but the idea has been much flouted by Ethnologists, and very unjustly, I have no doubt; for a truly normal head in form is a rarity even in our best society. The information bewerbung on each subject is clear and concise, and should prove of great help to the intelligent nurse. More exact information (and with the expenditure of much less time) can be obtained from a smear stained with some Romanowsky modification than by examining At the same time it is advisable to make a wet preparation and study it for amoeboid activity of the parasites and character of the pigment while awaiting the completion of the staining process. Yet if the land be put in grass, after two or three years animals pastured on it will have the disease. Caesarean section entails risk of hernia, of adhesions, and iiptnre in subsequent pregnancy (account). In some cases the fungus invades the region between the toes and gives rise to intolerable itching and from secondary bacterial infections to a condition known as"Mango toe." It has seemed to me that when one has a coccal infection engrafted upon the fungus one the condition becomes what might be termed fulminating, so rapidly does When the process is markedly inflammatory mild applications are used on the area even when markedly inflammatory. The post-mortem examination showed arteritis of the arteries of the base, with softening of the left corpus striatum and secondary degeneration of the pyramidal tract. The remedy has likewise been found fully as beneficial in aphtbse, (follicular stomatitis) mercurial salivation, ulceration of the pharynx, boils, many eruptive affections, as eczema, impetigo, pemphigus, etc., and in local inflammatory conditions disposed to terminate in gangrene. As the vast majority of such cases are noted in the feet, and as such cases are chiefly in those who work barefooted, it seems reasonable to consider that the fungi are introduced on some puncturing object and the external wound having healed development goes on in the deeper structures. One of deep interest, and that the master minds of the profession are willing to investigate it is very hopeful, and if any one is fully prepared to examine this book as critically as its author does the doctrines and practices of others, its perusal may do good, but those whose time is limited and whose tastes are not critical, we cannot commend it. Is it not time then that he should be physiologically developed? that the laws of his nature were determined? It must be admitted as most lamentably true that the science of man is less developed than that of any other subject. The patient may recover from the present episode, but, there will remain a marked tendency toward a recurrence later, as this individual meets unpleasant stresses in his contact with the world. We all know the sensation of a" crumb uIno proiluce lschen spasm. Albumin alone does not make the prognosis of appendicitis absolutely bad, but it is a sign of poisoning, and a danger-signal. The virus is contained in the peripheral blood only during the first three days of the disease. Most often, however, it is Limited to the dorso-lumbar description must be separated into the acute and chronic forms and a rare an early trouble. American medical care has been the greatest the world has ever known.

After the bath, the sweating patient must be thoroughly dried. After the meeting adjourned, about thirty individuals accompanied Dr. Symptoms Vedder thinks that the red rice used in these experiments may not have been sufficiently undermilled, as it was found most difficult to obtain such a beriberi preventing rice for the Philippine scouts. Baths for reducing temperature should be used in preference to antipyretics, and are especially sedative in cases of delirium. Further, I cannot suppress the remark that, in practice, the judicial boards of every character, nevertheless, in drawing up their questions for the physician expressly mention the" criminal responsibility" of the accused, as it were, presupposing that the medical jurist or the medical board consulted will very well know how far they have to deal with this definition and its interpretation and verification. The idea of being God or zdf Jesus Christ is likely to indicate a serious splitting of the personality, the socalled Schizophrenic reaction. Harry Cooper, tells tho proud story of tho men who have given their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and einstellungstest the service of mankind. Thus there are not only humanitarian but economic reasons why we should endeavor to develop our resources along these various lines; this can probably be done only by the cooperation of the federal government through its excellent Bureau of Mines and its Public The American physician has been taught for many years that the practice of medicine is carried on upon a much higher plane in Germany than in the United States, that the position of the physician in the community is a most enviable one; and he has heard physicians of German birth sigh longingly for the creation here of conditions grad wie in Deiitschland The Prussian secretary of the Interior has recently issued a decree which throws an interesting light upon the practice of medicine as conducted in Germany, tends to dispel some of the glamour with which distance and imagination have invested the German doctor, and makes us a whit It seems that the"lodge" doctors, those who minister to the ills of the various Kranken-Kassen, or sick benefit societies, at so much, or rather so little, annually per capita, have been compelled by the powders, the whole amount is prescribed in bulk and sent out with instructions to take"as much as will go on the point of a knife." Occasionally the patient himself is instructed to divide a powder into twenty-five parts and to take one of these or one half of one at certain times.

Jaccoud put forward this idea: The albuminuria recognizes as its cause a deviation of metabolism from the normal type. Below there was a thick adherent and vascular connective layer, which corresponded to the thickened pia mater. Along with these streptococci he found the staphylococcus pyogenes the streptococcus appeared to be not identical with that of Fraukel.

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