Such methods in toxicology we propose to designate as physiological analyses, in illustration of which are offered the details of animal experiments in the Condon case, with the least possible preliminary to render their comprehension easy. In making cultures from the skin of the operator, large numbers of colonies were obtained, the soap and water was used and cultures were again made, with the result of finding a still smaller nuni ber, while a washing with corrosive sublimate solution showed ver)' few. The skin of this child, from the head to the navel, is blackbrown, and covered with hairs, and besides that there are spots of the same color in other places. After operation the full dose is again given as if the At the Frankfurt Clinic cancer of the rectum is treated in the following way: the tumor is radiated, an artificial anus in the median line is made and at the time of operation an inspection of the abdominal cavity especially to determine the presence or absence of metastases in the liver. The great value of the blood-examination thus is evident and it, with the temperature and pulse, forms a triad of symptoms essential for the diagnosis of appendicular abscess. Are not inflammatory in character; excoriated nipples ( A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery. The main thing is to use it early and in sufficient quantity. As to the practical value of the operation, the objection might be, and has lately been made, that the number of cases in which this treatment may be indicated is very small. An incision was made down on the edge of the dollar and as soon as it could be seen it was grasped with a pair of forceps and the opening was enlarged until the coin could be drawn out. Whether the consumption of meat from these diseased animals is capable of producing pulmonary phthisis in man is still debatable, the cooking of such meat appearing to act as an antidote to contagion. Lewis Smith does not mention peritonitis at all; possibly he may have been familiar with the complication but considered it so rare as to Dr. In dealing with these defects, it must be remembered that in a child the inhibitory element, resulting from the child's attempt to determine its state, played a greater part than in an adult.

Among other common articles of diet by means of which boron compounds might be unknowingly introduced were mentioned cream, butter, margarine, ham, bacon, sausages, and pork-pies. Report of Reference Committee D Chairman Galloway reported that the reports and resolutions referred to Reference Committee D had Chairman; William Chambless, M.D., Hamilton: Vice Speaker, House of Delegates It has again been my privilege to serve this House of Delegates as Vice Speaker this year. It is met also in older children. Gaylord a vote of thanks for his kindness in coming down to New York, timely paper by Dr. The pleura over this mass is very much congested. Looking back now, one wonders at the amount of energy that was put into calculating the exact caloric value of the various articles of food consumed and of the various stratagems by which the fuel value of the diet was brought to correspond Although I am not sure that much impression was made on the course of the disease by the most elaborately calculated diet, I have never forgotten the lessons then learned in the various food values of the different articles consumed. Sometimes the patient or the friends of the patient will become restless and uneasy because there is no alvine discharge, and will desire the administration of a cathartic. There is no reason why we should not use this remedy, with care and in moderate doses, for the relief of pain; and, as the disease jobs is of short duration, we need not particularly fear the morphine habit.

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