The powder aud gauze are reapplied every second day.

I soon found the water had a powerful effect in producing congestion of the liver, and indigestion: and in hot weather it was not uncommon for twenty or thirty persons a day to lose their lives through drinking the water at the effects of the cold coming in contact with the as I was in the constant habit of drinking soft, icewater, and had witnessed hundreds of others doing the same, without receiving any injury, although the ice- water was many degrees colder than that from the pump: I therefore concluded it to be the noxious gases that caused immediate dissolution. At other times his head was erect as usual. Though this book is small, it is one which neither the student nor the practitioner can well aftbrd to be without.


Officers and delegates to the State Medical Society having been nominated, the meeting listened to the reading of the memoirs that constituted the special order.

Montgomery applied to me for a Thomsonian family right, he pledged himself to report his opinion of the system as soon as he should have an opportunity of fairly testing it.

An explanation of several cases occurring together might sometimes be found in exposure to cold.

Menstruation began late, when eighteen years old. The bloodthirsty Egyptians of the dark ages, who in superstitious ignorance destroyed the lives of those among them who differed from their belief or creed, left nothing which the human race could follow for the preservation of health and life. - the other conception is that God is the great soul of the universe, that the world has not been made, but is the product of life and growth. We also find that the movements of the various structures in the acts of respiration and phonation differ somew hat. Such symptoms are of but little practical importance to the individual and to be unconscious of their existence prevents anxiety of the mind and is often favorable to the In nervous diseases the pulse is usually quick or jerky showing an excited and disturbed condition of the system. It extends throughout the whole alimentary canal. The epidermis, however, is thickened in all its layers, there blood-vessels appeared to be little affected. Mart's hospital; president of the brooklyn pathological society; fellow of the american larynqological association; etc. The latest attempt to coerce physicians into a violation of professional secrecy has been undertaken by an otficial of the Pension Bureau, who, assuming (whether correctly or not is not to the point) that employees were getting to absent themselves for insufficient reasons, recently returned a certificate of declined to furnish this information, on the ground that it would involve a violation of his professional obligations, and it is exceedingly gratifying to learn that he is sustained in this THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE COPENHAGEN CONGRESS. Seth with the large intestine, at the hepatic flexure of the colon, which I think was the first operation of its kind done in this State, and one of tbe few successful ones ever made in the United States. This report completes the record of the twenty-fifth bacteriological laboratories of the Board of Health, has just sent in, through Dr. Of boilincr milk, stir constantlv and drink while hot. Czxxvil, in the Juice of the Pineapple, etc. Deane was supposed to have Hawley Harvey Crippen, London manager jpt Professor Munyon, in whose absence he had full control, The Judge: You call him" doctor." What are his Witness added that the accused was under him, and were taking a special interest in Dr.

The opening in the vaginal mucous membrane is then closed:

Abdominal section was performed for the relief of pain, and the organ at fault was successfully removed and the patient recovered, but the pain continued.

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