The bov.-els should be carefully watched, both to prevent constipation and to see that the food is satisfactorily digested, and agrees with the child.

In these cases it may be fancied that the lowered tolerance arises from a diminished utilization. There is severe aching pain in the face, and the eye quickly becomes red.

The animal life may be regarded as a system of coexistent phases, the heterogeneous equilibrium of which can be disturbed by experimental removal of the nucleus.

This is very apt to be the case in persons greatly advanced in life, in whom exists a partial palsy of the sphincter muscle of the neck of the bladder. Basal Coefficient: In dealing with physiologic problems we are accustomed to speak of stimuli as being minimal, optimal and maximal.

In every case espanol of post-nasal catarrh the condition of the stomach should receive scrupulous attention. While at my office, having urinated three himself cured; bowels normal; catheter no longer This case very nicely illustrates that the posterior cut alone, if properly carried out, may sometimes be sufficient to relieve the patient. I have already expressed my opinion that these pains and faintness are due to" intrinsic hemorrhages." Certain objective evidence of ectopic gestation appears, one of which I think is constant. The doctor, having discovered"only one sore spot," professes to regard the case as"purely bronchial," and forgets such troublesome details as Total registered deaths from diseases named: Limited as the statistics under consideration undoubtedly are, a careful study of them in conjunction with such facts as I have been able to ascertain with regard to the climatic and general condition of the five cities named, has led me to the conclusion that in Pittsburgh about two hundred deaths from deaths due to tuberculosis seem to have been registered as pneumonia; and in Buffalo, a hundred and fifty or more deaths from tuberculosis appear to have been credited to"heart disease" which, of course, includes some thirty diflferent disorders.

W'e must feed them very considerably to take the place of the nutrition in the form of alcohol. Instead the plan might well end where the individual, having been permitted to seek his own medical and hospital care, receives the cash benefit payments to meet his obligations, thus preserving the individual responsibility essential in the sovereign citizenry of a national democracy. The child iluivcd, but on the seventh day my attention was arrested by a flacciii bulla, about two inches in diameter, resembling the lesion in pemphigus foliaceus. Two wards project from the main block and form a sheltered court. The needle must, however, be passed obliquely through the lateral wall of the nose, which in this case was so hard as to make the procedure impossible. The lung collapse in this instance brought about pressure on the damaged vessels. The medullary cavity is often increased in size in rickets and constantly so in osteogenesis imperfecta. To produce sleep, trional, in combination with sodium bromide, was a favorite remedy. Such have prompted me to write this paper. Under cocaine the pin was extracted by means of forceps, without loss of vitreous or of blood, but with difficulty on account Ambulatory Treatment of Fractures Charles D.

The endocardium, where present, was apparently tmchanged. As for manipulation of contributions, although approved societies have been paying for hospital in-patients tor two yejirs. This was with little difficulty lifted out of the pelvis and proved to be a tumor filled with fluid attached to the side of the intestine and a portion of its mesentery.

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