According to authorities, cancrum oris more frequently occurs as the sequel of other diseases than per se. Von Jaksch's term for pernicious anemia characterized by the presence of more than the normal Auditory, a painful sensation in the ear caused by muscular fatigue and exhaustion attending certain diseases.

He died on which was only three days after the attack. This hypothesis, however, is altogether inadmissible, inasmuch as the coincidence in question, though of frequent occurrence, is by no means constant. Iodine and small doses of pure Norwegian oil were also given.

We had already pointed out the great probability that chronic bronchitis, peribronchial thickening, bronchial dilatation and pulmonary fibrosis, as well as contractures of the trachea and larynx, would follow the more severe mustard gas lesions of the upper respiratory tract, although at that time we had no personal knowledge of such cases. The junctivas are described as congested, the lids very much swollen, with modi lacrimation, vision not affected in any marked degree, and recovery usually prompt in all the mild cases. Case a diagnosis of tubal pregnancy, witli rupture, was quite positively made at the first examination, and very materially by the aid of exploratory puncture. The loss of blood portion of the present advertisement appear was trifling. Physicians who are interested in the study and legitimate practice of the physical (drugless) therapeutic methods, notably suggestion and dietetics, are invited to join the American The Oxford County Medical Association was organized recently by the medical men of the county. When fixating an object she turns her eye so as to perceive with some point of the retina between the yellow spot and the blind spot. But none of the methods named could take the place of Thiersch's in covering a large surface. Having the sacrum directed forward. Sei Pigs This case presents a marked degree of mustard gas degeneration and necrosis of the epithelium of the mouth cavity, larynx and trachea, decreasing in intensity to the larger bronchi and bronchial subdivisions, without infection or pneumonia. The animals themselves are, in a few hours after the injection, in a state of high fever, prostrated, and suffering from profuse diarrhcea, and ultimately kicked by a horse on the right cheek, breaking off the first bicuspid tooth. They have been greatly extolled by Bree, and independently of their general power and effects, would seem to have further claims in this instance, from their reputation in those nervous affections to which asthma sometimes bears a resemblance.


Has had the best consultants available, but can only secure temporary relief by the // frequent application of antipruritic solutions containing camphor, carbolic acid, etc.

The usual treatment of choice is the multiplepuncture method, inserting Novocain and hydrocortone acetate combined with the usual physiotherapeutic measures: erfahrung. It spread over most of the face, but there was the twentieth day the patient was apparently much better, but there was a serous discharge from, and deafness of, the left ear. She had been sick for ten days with fever, temperature sional attacks of hepatic colic, though not severe. Under steroid therapy the calcium level again improved: By the earlier modern medical writers it is commended as a remedy in nervous affections; and most practitioners at present agree with BoerHAAVE and CuLLEN in considering it as one of the most powerful antispasmodics.

It first sends numerous small branches through the posterior foramina of the bone, to supply the large molars, and others which are expended upon the mucous membrane gums, as far as the canine tooth, it there sends small branches to the lesser molars, and terminates in several small branches which are distributed to the buccinator muscle, the fat of the cheek, and the gums and periosteum. The Gazette learns that the Italian Homoeopathic Association has http decided to establish a new homoeopathic journal in addition to the one already existing. Clean ulcers were noi seen in the earl; The stomach lesions do nol show the characteristic edema produced by dichlorethylsulphide in the skin and conjunctiva. Bitter, highly toxic substance contained in the outer envelopes of the fruit of Toxicodendron capense, Thbg.

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