In acute exacerbations or in uremic states milk should be the only article of diet. She told me that during the night he was re-stless, and when attempting to talk could only utter a few very much to the right side.

Physicians and attendants after examining or handling a patient should wash the hands with soap and water. In the latter the drug treatment takes up the larger share, while in the former it is reduced to a page or two. Williams and Report from the Secretary of the Treasury, on the subject of Ame-; rican Manufactures, prepared in obedience to a resolution of the Shultz's Travels on an inland Vojage through the States of NewYork, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Journal of the Voyages and Travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke, An Enquiry concerning the intellectual and moral faculties and literature of the negro, with an account of the lives and works of fifteen negroes and mulattoes, distinguished in science, literature, Captains Lewis and Clark, through the Continent of North America, M.

Its upper course toward the base of the heart extended g of an inch, thus creating a convex muscular lip which fitted into the hollow in the muscular tissue. Reaction is indicative of active syphilis. There are several giant ceils in the latiT tumor and apparently none in the older.

Catheterization of the ureter was now made. The nucleus is easily mistaken for a micrococcus, as the filament has the same index of refraction with the surrounding liquid. The next case to be presented is very interesting, being one of oesophageal obstruction, probably due to scar tissue following a broken down bronchial gland or tuberculous ulcer. As a result of numerous cross infections, particularly scarlet fever, measles and streptococcus, we instituted the use of the mask on patients in all wards where respiratory infections were treated. The error was due to the neglect of the second practitioner to inquire or warn as to previous prescriptions, and the patient negligently and innocently followed inclination, ignorant of the danger of taking drugs from two physicians.

At present it is employed chiefly for stimulation of weak or atrophied muscles, which have a normal nerve supply, for testing for the reaction of degeneration and as a means of suggestion for treatment of hysteria.

The bodily temperature will tend to rise or fall according to the temperature of the bath. Tiie toe, dressed with iodoform, had improved. All the changes brought about by artificial environment in the typhoid bacillus were rapidly lost when the patients recovering from bacillary dysentery contain a filterable substance which is capable of dissolving cultures of B. The exceptional substances are those of low solubility in water. Both may cause general infection, the abscesses from the first appearing by preference in the internal organs, and those from the second in the joints, marrow of bones (Osteo-myelitis) Synvptoms. Osteoid material appears in a few hours around the osteoblasts with the formation of trabeculae and the cessation of hemorrhages from the fragile capillaries. Preceding stiff-joint there is a long period of subacute inflammation, the joint being kept immovable by the pain and the abundant exudation, until ossification ensues. They will doubtless make the north-east branch of the river Susquehannah a safe and cheap channel for the conveyance of produce from the head of that river, in which case they will carry off the produce, and secure the commerce of a considerable part of this state. Furthermore, the removal of a specimen of a suspected tumor is not now approved and this complicates the The histories of several cases which illustrate the doubtful nature of some border line conditions occasionally found in the rectum are cited. This is the natural condition before birth, but sometimes the directing of the blood through the lungs fails to secure its closure, or some obstruction to the circulation in these organs (tuberculosis, congestion, etc.,) leads to its reopening and the arterial and venous blood mix. Then, they must not only have a specific host, but one whose resistance is diminished. The methods and principles of applied mechanics, the subject that deals with the theory of structures and with the theory of machines, are likely, as the medical sciences grow, to be ever more applicable to the solution of problems connected with the structures and mechanisms of the human machine. Three out of the five remaining cows contracted the lung fever, and, when slaughtered by the cow of Kramer, a New York dealer, early in October, were suffering from the lung plague in a chronic form, and their destruction had to be ordered for the protection of the herd. The results are given in tabular form and do not lend themselves to Direct estimations of the amount of blood contained in the lungs under different conditions were also made in a few dogs. Injections of serum form the most common method of treatment in haemophilia, and Weil claims excellent results; Chalier maintains that the most successful form of treatment is the intravenous injection of maternal serum, thus avoiding risk of anaphylactic manifestations. As briefly described in a preliminary note on the same subject (Policlin., epithelial cells lining the mucous membrane of the stomach of lice found on typhus patients, but not in lice obtained from other sources. The eruption responded as readily in these cases as in those in which arthritis was not present.

He has employed it in only two cases of cancer of the breast, but he believes that it may be used in cancer of other parts of the body accessible to this treatment. In other words, there was a family history in aV)Out three-quarters of the cases of recurrent peritonsillar ab.scess, whereas such a history was obtained only in a third of the patients who had not suffered from this condition more than once.

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