Calculus, is fraught with the greatest danger to life; whereas nephrectomy, after the opposite kidney has been freed of stone, will probably be followed by recovery from the operation, and possibly by very good health for many years afterwards. Etats Morhidcs de VUrine', by which the products of nitrogenous waste are eliminated from the body. One fa tor always present is blockage of the eustachk tube, but this alone is not enough to produce flui There must also be an inflammatory reaction. He advocates rapid operating in the dorsal position; a short incision; the drainage tube in nearly every case and the free use of hot water douching of the abdominal cavity.

If these parts be irrigated with a more stasis will be seen to occur almost immediately in many of the capillaries (except those which form direct communication between larger arterial and venous trunks), gradually extending to the smaller and larger veins, and then to tlie arteries, which often dilate considerably, but without, as a rule, any perceptible acceleration of the current. There is little risk connected with the operation in skilled hands, and I believe, if we had opened this man's abdomen, we might have saved him, although his general condition was very unfavorable for resisting any disease or repairing any injury. It was, as most of such cases are, insidious in its approach, gradual in its tabla development, and fatal in its termination. Analysis of all of these papers shows that the incidence of cures for nbness or paresthesia of an extremity, joint ps, confusion, irritability, weakness, cystitis, vie pressure, dyspareunia, fever, polyuria, initinence, decreased libido, nasal congestion, ctitis and pyuria. Before any local treatment is adopted, it should be carefuDy explained to patients that the process of rubbing off the crusts is always attended with the removal of a large number of loose hairs, otherwise they are apt to think that the loss of hair is caused by the treatment rather and Entuzoon folliculoruni were given by Erasmus Wilson to the microscopic animalcule called by Gustav Simon Acarus folliculorum, and by Owen Demodex follieidorum. State Hospital For The Insane, To the Board of Public Charities, Gentlemen: At the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of this Hospital after the receipt of yonr communication of directed to furnish a detailed report of the surgical operations alleged by you to have been performed in this Hospital for the We submit, herewith, her report upon six cases, the only operations of the kind ever performed in this Hospital. It may of fevers; or part of a general malnutrition.

In one severe case improvement was delayed for took place in from two to six weeks; in more severe cases in two and a half months.

He related a case showing apparent benefit from Strontium Bromide. On behalf of this society I extend to our friend, Dr. In malurial subjects quiuine may may occur after instiuinrntntion with wound of the urethra as in wounds elsewhere.


Interruptions can be controlled, and there is required with it a much smaller expenditure of current. In the case of the cantonment the ground gets always cleaner; in that of the hill sanitarium it becomes continually dirtier ( Although the intact placenta is a perfect physiological filter, which does not permit the passage of inanimate particles from the blood of the mother to that of the foetus, nevertheless pathogenic microorganisms are capable of breaking through this barrier. The bowels are usually constipated, but act readily with aperients. A better time for the soldier, and for the army-surgeon, must inevitably arrive, and the latter may confidently appeal to such a work as that now before us, in order to show how well qualified he is to undertake the duties of The work of Sir Ranald Martin has already been for several years before the profession, and the call, in little more than five years, for a second edition of so elaborate a work, is satisfactory proof general that it has been duly appreciated. The means which he discusses for the recognition of a true relapse is the therniometric record, wiiile at the same time not claiming that such a recurrence of the disease is to be diagnosed by this means alone without a close conjunction of its indications with the symptoms. Sulphur- or brine-baths seem also at times to do much good.

It often happens that the patient has to abandon this course of treatment at the moment when a complete cure seems to be in sight. If you have the patients under control and can get them to devote themselves to it, I think the vagina should be flushed with hot water from four to six times in the twenty-four hours during the acute stage; then pass a piece of iodoform gauze up to the cervix so as to encourage drainage all the time in the intervals be followed out our results in the acute stage would be more satisfactory. The woman had been able to be out of bed and go about "futbol" the ward. He tells me that about five months ago he first noticed some swelling in the neck, on the right side, just above the clavicle. The number of persons seeking employment in the schools, was less during the past year in proportion to the number needed than at any previous time: I shall simply state here that we have thus far obtained the best results in disinfection of the skin by the following method: water, the water being as warm as can be comfortably borne, and being frequently changed. But by the cumulative addition of the effects of successive doses in the manner described, we advance cautiously and safely to the required degree of action, and the symptoms are more under control. You will see that, in this case, the operation was performed as the best judgment of the Medical Staff, to relieve suffering and to remove organs so much diseased as to no longer perform their functions; the question of sanity or insanity not being considered, insanity being regarded as a symptom and not a disease. It is mexicano of great importance to get it within the rima glottidis.

More recently Weit has returned to the view of thymic asthma, and he has been followed by a certain number of physicians, in Germany especially; Schcele of Dantzig, Soltmann of Breslau, Pott of Halle, Fleischmann, Recklingausen, Jacobi of New York, etc.

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