Gannett: So far as etiology is concerned, the feeling among the writers is about this: some think it is au important element iu the case. Eighteen hours of recruitment raying with No. In none of the sections were normal tubules found: in several, the more superficial portions of the tubules were recognizable, lined with cylindrical epithelium. He had lost very much in weight during the mouth of November. By this time mercurial salivation has occurred to some extent, but less than if the jalap had not been given. In the school a tentative diagnosis is usually made, as experience has shown it is far safer to exclude a few children unnecessarily than to allow any ill child to remain in school. The nonappearance of periodic sanguineous discharges may also lead to intermittent bloodspitting. Davidsohn believes that the reaction in the spleen was conditioned on a difference of stages of the amyloid process, the follicles were in an earlier stage. Symptoms are generally sufficiently pronounced for a diagnosis to be made. For a number of years we were obliged to consult but one; now we may take our choice from among many. The cases mentioned could have been easily diagnosed by biting off a piece.

By neither of these specialists, however, is the extent of the nervous relationship between the parts concerned in phonation and those employed iu There are, and always will be, some things which cannot be found out, but this statement is substantiated daily in the practice of either specialist. As it develops, it becomes more transparent, and each parasite has in it a small nucleus. Even among educated persons there were the grossest errors of judgment regarding the nutritive value of a hen's egg, and few of those who ate in restaurants realized that the greater quota of the nourishment which was brought to them lay not in the specific dish served but in the bread and butter which ostensibly was presented as a gift. " It is simple in its technique, safe in its execution, radical in its results, free from injury to the reproductive organs, curative in its application, and, finally, brilliant in The only points as to technique we can refer to, are that no perineal drainage is needed; the catheter must not be retained for more than forty-eight hours lest traumatic urethritis result; the bladder wound in stone cases should be The special indications for exploration of the bladder by the suprapubic in a patient suffering from paraplegia, a contracted pelvis, perineal tumors, encysted calculi, ankylosis of the hip, hemorrhoids, or great obesity. Therefore, he was asked to see him in consultation with two other physicians. The use of staining substances when, like the two cited, they are very soluble and diffusible in water, is easy and practicable. The mathematical portion of the work presupposes, on the reader's part, a fair acquaintance with the elementary principles of the subject, yet it is not written in the laconic, rigid style often adopted in treatises of the higher mathematics, and which is found most pleasing and serviceable to the advanced student; but the whole work is written in good To one who has studied ophthalmology by the aid of our common English text-books, the following will be somewhat startling in its originality. In short, my way is to soothe the patient with ether, if need be, through the peculiarly painful period when the head is passing the os uteri; then to subject her to a short, under this management the patient avoids one of the possible causes of post-partum haemorrhage; that she makes a better convalescence; that there is less risk TREATMENT OF LATERAL CURVATURE BY Thk method of treatment of resistant lateral curvature of the spine by means of mechanical correction is not new. Jefferson Medical College Hospital; Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Southwestern Hospital, and Dispensary, from every one who knows anything of interest to the profession. She was told that she had an abscess of the kidney, which was opened. (R) Guevara, Frenita B Marion Hospital (IM) Raju, S. The disease is sufficient to destroy the comfort, health and activities of the individual, and may even grow to conditions that will imperil and shorten life. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences. Bechterew has studied the development of the restiform body in a series of fifteen brains, from various periods of foetal life. In ordinary surgical work it is easily applied and quickly shifted and by reason of its shape will lie flat upon the surface of the body, out of the way and stay where it is put.

Microscopic examinations made of the growth from fluid media show it to consist of dumb-bell micrococci, diplococci, but Sheep, pigs, and guinea-pigs, inoculated with the streptococcus, did not suffer any noticeable illness; injection of a comparatively large quantity of the streptococcus into the cavity of the trachea in the case of two sheep and three calves failed to induce in these animals foot and mouth disease, but feeding four sheep with cultures of streptococcus induced in two of them the typical disease on the feet, a third animal showing lameness without other evidence of having contracted the malady; while the fourth remained well. They should be administered hypodermically, as when given in this way the results are more certain and prompt. On very rare occasions these symptoms are grossly deceptive, and mean nothing.

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