Thus, for example, San Diego, with a normal rainfall of about ten inches, has had in the last fifty -two years a minimum written, is most frequent during the months of April, May, and June. By its action the appetite and digestion quickly improve, peristalsis becomes Stimulated, and the faeces almost immediately lose their bad odour. TAke about eight Pounds of frefli Hogs greafe, and about half a BuHiel ct Damask Rofs well pick'd and clean from Seeds; melt the Hog.-,greafe in a Kettle, and when it boils put in the Rofes, and dip them alfover till they fwell; then take them off, and putting them into a clofe earthen Veflel with the Greafe and all, let them Itand and cool; or if you have an Oven, when you have drawn, lee it iknd in ic and cool by degrees; after fame into them, let it ftand for the fpace of three Weeks, then melt it again, itfelf, throwing the other away.

A bite by a "" spider of the Sveta species is followed by the eruption of white-coloured pustules attended with itching, burning sensation, epileptic fits, fever, erysipelas and pain in and secretion from the bite.

I'arke;"Our Visitors," proposed by Sir Robert W.Jackson, the method jirnrtised by Dr. In chickens, peritonitis is often found as a prominent condition in cholera, and also from different species of fungi, such as Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus glaucus, etc. Intravenous injections of normal salt solution to maintain the blood pressure may also be used. Members of the Blood Bank Department's professional staff made numerous contributions to the scientific and general public on a local, national and international level during the past year. That took courage! We understand, too, that he undermined his health by going out on cold, wet, blizzardy nights to help some poor unfortunate family which would have gone without medical help, food and clothing if Captain Silcox had not looked after them.

The incision in the abdominal wall should be made large enough to admit of a careful and free examination of the liver.

Day s march, about four miles north of the Duchy of Luxemburg, shortly be fore noon. The medical officer cannot be allowed to suffer. Ftiligo, which we call Soor, is hot and dry, and it drieth n.aivelloufly, and fo doth all Soots whatfoever. Employment as a Surgeon in the Marine Service was often, though far from invariably, a stepping-stone to a commission in the regular land Services, Newly quahfied medical men often made one or two voyages in an Indiaman, as they now do in the great steam lines, for the sake of a change, and to see something of the world, before settling in practice, with no intention of joining the Company's service as a permanency. Its scanty flocculent deposit was found to consist of large cells, mostly grouped in clusters and apparently proliferating; many were distinctly vacuolated: similar cells had been found in the pleural fluid. Seine Erfahrungen, die er in aller Herren einer neuen Zeit an.

A special meeting had been held at Norwich to consider Dr. Meat of wild animals and birds is by nature light and rough; it strengthens the digestive fire, combats tumours, kidney diseases, rheumatism and produces fat. Defecation is alternately retarded and diarrhoeic; sometimes tympany supervenes; urination, at first increased, later becomes diminished. In the first of these, if in a comparatively early and clearly distinguishable stage, the patient mentions symptoms which suggest malignant disease. Raine asked to be aUowed to decline the charge of a General Hospital, and to retain his post to do so. The active symptoms become prolonged beyond those of simple scarlatina into the second, third, or fourth week, and even later, and merit some especial notice. I propose, therefore, to describe first the characters common to all, and then to point out some of the features of special kinds. As much as a Bean, of Vinegar a Pint, and put give the Horfe a Quart th:reof next Morning, having fafled all Night. - he peeled off down to his under shirt and was about to flop onto his bunk when he noticed that the staff was unconcernedly going on with his writing, without any apparent intention of turning off the lights. This was to be used to rub into the body, the patient wrapping himself up in hot tow and in to be used at the waning of the moon.

D.s, Refrigerant, Ihooc that render the urine less irritating while Ddt greatly Increasing its flow.

Gladstone takes a different view, but believes that classical education should only be given to those likely to profit by it in after-life He is strongly desirous to promote physical and corporal education generally and attaches much value to the training of the eye and the hand; fcr this'pnrpose he urges that some branch of natural history should have a higher place in the modern theories of education than it has yet obtained In these days when many medical men see reason to believe that education in too many ca'ses our educational system upon the brains of the young.

This latter conditkm la the rule in pucumolhotnx from peilomtioa of an empyema, but it Doeasionslly is nwt wilb also in coacs of perlbmtlom of a superficial cavity. Both of these militia units had been recruiting men for an expected Second Contingent ever since the First Division had been called up (

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