In cancer cases, at first there is no pain on pressure; in the latter tliere is generally pain or pressure in the region of the kidneys or ureters. For bronchiectasis, I have used capsules of the essential oil of garlic, as recommended by the late Dr. On exploring the urethra it was found that tlie upper i)art of the canal at the site of the neck of tlu' bladder was entirely closed by a dense cicatrix. Patients with marked and early The prevention of this disease consists in the prompt isolation of all patients afflicted with the disease and the thorough disinfection of all dejecta and the utensils, bed and personal linen of the sufferer.

Pneumonia patients show much more ot a systemic reaction, as Been by pulse and temiierature chart, than do the abdominal cases. Brackenbury, in introducing the report of the Insurance Acts Committee, briefly summarized the statement he had already made at the Panel Conference on the question of terms the financial position of the National Health Insurance Fund In its relation to the question of remuneration. Those who have paid attention to review the question of hypnotism, apart from the imposture and credulity by which the matter is generally confused and obscured, are perhaps all ready to admit with Dr.

Ills thoughts weri' turned to the feasiliility and desiiahilily of circular hospital wards by the earnest in urging the adoption of circular wards in Ww design for a hospitid then in cnnli iiiplatiou at Mi'lliourne. The cases which have been reported at Birmingham and at Dunkirk appear not to have been cases of true cholera, though they have caused a considerable scare in their respective neighbourhoods; but there is no doubt as to the rapid extension of the epidemic in France and Italy, every day adding one or two names to the long list of infected places. Mr Fraser, the maker, had carried out the suggestions for these improvements with his specimens embedded in paraffin; now the cost of the whole SUTURE BOX which he had devised for the purpose of sterilising silk sutures by boiling. The following conclusions were greater than that in the kidney.

If employed in the j early stages of fractures, it becomes loose when the swelling of ihehnih diminishes, and must then be readjusted by slitting up I and paring away a portion on one or both sides. On upland pasture, with a licrht sandy soil, it is never seen; and in good sound pasture, in a lower situation, it is only seen when, from an unusually wet season, that pasture has become boggy and poachy. He seems aware that some of his dicta excite surprise, for he prefaces the statement quoted by saying," I have been told by my friends that I hold a fair reputation with the profession, for being reliable and moderate in my statements." We need not criticise who in an excellent speech corrected Dr. CPS often has been the subject of discussion in the House of Delegates of the CMA. The chancellor has refused the faculty until this item is withdrawn from the specification. He had taken no food during that day, heart sounds showed nothing special beyond a slight want of the minute; there was some dulness with moist sounds at both bases posteriorly, and in the axillae.

There was there was some improvement; tongue was somewhat cleaner. They are worked in yokes from four to six to a plough, and plough upwards of an acre per day; indeed they work harder than any other oxen in this country, for Devonshire is a very hilly country.

They also suffer frequently from cracked lips, and as a result of the irritation caused thereby considerable infiltration and thickening may follow.

Lawsox Tait, Birmingham; Sir Mr (coupon).

Hoskins says he never authorized the use of the term Asiatic Cholera, but he believed it was a bad case of cholera to have been simply a severe case of diarrhoea, which is now prevalent. Soft and marshy ground is its peculiar abode. This has been done in two ways, by the use of subcutaneous injections of benzol and by the X-rays.

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