University College; Alfred Henry Carter, University O King's College; John Ellis Edwards. He occasionally has vertigo, and, before long, observes a peculiar brownish discoloration of the face, hands, groins, and genitals.

These" remarkably good people" rushed upon her, and seizing the fat, they tore it from the wound in handfuls while the girl was still alive.

John Smith, was physician here for many years, but the real successors of Dr. To the Editor of the Bosto?i Medical and Surgical Journal. The undersigned is engaged in collecting statistics of all cases of leprosy in the United States, and he would ask members of the profession to aid in this work by sending a report of any case or cases under their observation, or coming Editor Albany Medical Annals: Annals, the substitution of the word about for the words" less than" will result in a better expression of my meaning than is given by the present form. True, his active professional work had almost ceased before mine began. French physicians recommend the iodin preparations and assert that from the use of these drugs, and I myself have often seen similar good results, which I believe were positively due to potassium iodid. Gross intends to convey the idea that he would not operate when he says, as above quoted," I am disposed to regard operative interference as justifiable only in the event of extensive depression, and I should adopt this www.faber plan, whether the symptoms of compression were urgent or not," etc., there is a decided conflict in his opinions.

In each case the ingredients are thoroughly mixed by trituration in a mortar; after standing the supernatant fluid should be poured off and preserved for use. Several children have died but not of strumous diseases, and there lias been no strumous manitestation in the family.

I should be loth to believe that suppuration may originate without infection. From the work it is evident that we have obtained an organism from the mesenteric glands of hogs acutely ill with hog-cholera; that we have passed this organism through an imported"F" ChamberlandPasteur bougie; that we have successfully cultivated and stained this organism; and that we have obtained complement fixation with the culture fluid in which this organism has grown, such fluid not being able to fix the complement previous to the growth of this organism in it.

The existence of the specific, very"innocent" form of chronic glycosuria, renal diabetes, was only confirmed through a long series of analyses of the blood sugar.

On the other hand, if the increased ions were acid and the hemolytic agents were used in the same order, the results would be reversed. Not infrequently only one of the above-mentioned alterations in the action of the heart is present, namely, an increase in the force of the contractions, either without disturbance of the rhythm or with retardation or acceleration of the rate. The next morning I was sent for to take charge of the case, and found the patient in about the same condition as on the normal, but slightly laboured-which I may here say continued to be the llie right arm and leg were in constant motion. He thought he had exposed himself too much to the bright glare of the sun.

Its safest egress is through the abdominal integuments; this mode we should, therefore, seek to initiate or to facilitate. As a rule, cold baths may be permitted in the same cases in which exercise of the heart is possible and appears to be I have no special instructions to give as regards clothing. The above-mentioned instances of fatty degeneration show that rapidly proliferating cells will undergo retrogressive nutritional change unless supplied with a proportionate because the peripheral cells require and take all the nutriment. Ignores the claims of an alumnus of the Jefferson Medical Cotarnine is very summarily dealt with; yet it is of recent introduction into medicine, and is one of our most we gave such doses every two hours. This slight arthritis is misleading, and has often led to diagnosis of scurvy, infantile palsy or syphilitic disease, but the early recognition of the true cause is most essential, as an insidious endo- or pericarditis may be at work concurrently with it. You will be surprised at the frequency of positive results in Write for Spinal Puncture Outfit, also Free Dr.

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