When the blood proceeds from the nodule it is frequently the merely passive result of increased lateral pressure, as in defecation. Gustav Braun found epidemic influences in Vienna, which he thought were due to fecal matter in a canal which flowed close to the lying-in wards. Rather they appeal to moral or legal arguments in order to obtain equal or sensitive treatment. It will become a bigger organization and will retain more staff; there will be more rules and regulations for policy. In case of a fissure occurring, a nipi)le-shield shovdd be used, and if it persist the fissure sliould be thoroughly cautcnized. In both cases the operation was performed with fatal results from shock; the hemorrhage in both cases was comparatively small. Less frequently the psychic powers remain undisturbed. - smith, of the United infectious diseases (sniall-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup, OFFICIAL LIST OF CHANGES IN THE STATIONS AND DUTIES OF OFFICERS SERVING IN THE MEDICAL Captain Reuben L.

As the result of their combined labors, there has been described a fairly typical form of acute infectious disease occurring beneath the periosteum, usually of the now among surgeons and pathologists so well recognized that already it is called by numerous different names, none of which perhaps are more appealing, though perhaps more accurate, than Chassaignac's expression"typhus of the limbs." When Piorry introduced the expression" pyemia," he made us acquainted with what he called"a purulent diathesis," which was supposed to be the startingpoint of many of these infections, although both Piorry and Astley Cooper had stated that in malignant fevers, in chicken-pox, and after measles, the bones often underwent acute necrosis. He, consequently, formally stated that osteomyelitis is a furuncle of the bone marrow. The rachitic child is susceptible to respiratory infections to which the normal child is refractory, in part owing to the lack of rigidity of the thorax. - the infection of the rabbit takes place by these ripe cysts filled with spores, being taken into the stomach with food. She had already great loss of muscular power in the extremities, particularly in the legs. Rio de Janeiro, Pen to: DissertaQao sobre a pneumorrhagia. If autoinfection is to be prevented, it must largely be by the giving of food free from autotoxic substances and Post mortem examination reveals that in a proportion of cases microbes are found in the intestinal mucosa, principally in the lower portion, the duodenum and jejunum being quite free.

The temperature also follows accidental influences easier and more considerably. The livers are placed in a tub with a layer of spruce boughs in the bottom and subjected to pressure, when the light-colored oil exudes.

We object to accepting the doctrine of a virus in any form, because this doctrine is not substantiated by positive facts, and it is opposed by facts which establish the non-communicability of cholera as conclusively as it is possible to prove a negation in etiology.

He was trying to get it turned over to the Nature Conservancy, or in some way arrange to have it preserved for the future. Clinical lectures, while they undoubtedly present the subject of which they treat in a most attractive form, are not free from faults which lectures delivered at various times to different classes of students most always have. The defervescence begins rarely on the second or third day, more often on the fourth or sixth.""In cases of varioloid the temperature reaches in this descent the normal point, or even passes below it a little, and remains there from that time or at least very near it, if no complication interferes to cause another rise, which is"This manner of fall characterizes varioloid most strikingly, if this fact be kept in mind, that the defervescence does not begin with the full development of the eruption, but shortly after its appearance, when the spots first begin to elevate themselves above the surface. Introduction of a rubber sound into the uterus was tried aud tinally chiiital dilatation was employed, followed by rupture ol' the nienibraues; a dead child was delivenni with the forceps. When we see, as we do, necks covered with old cicatrices, some depressed, some bunched in keloid, usually of a different color from the rest of the skin and always a disfigurement to the individual, certainly any treatment which cures the condition and which prevents such a result is very much to be preferred.

This instrument is heavy and cumbersome, and the distance between the glass surface of the diaphragm and the meatus is over two inches and a quarter. Then one letter may be allowed a day; later, a magazine, and so on. Concerning the operation itself, there are differences of opinion regarding matters of technique. A number of loan funds have been established for the benefit of worthy students who are in need of financial aid in order to finish their courses in the University.


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