Euland, and powder of litharge. Placenta was retained for one hour; found morbidly adherent; had to be removed, and with it a large'lot; great post-partum haemorrhage followed, injected with solution of abdomen quite soft; uterus well contracted; no tenderness whatever; given bark with chlorat potass., brandy; vagina syringed over three-fourths of the surface of its interior; no peritonitis I may now draw your attention to the total number of deliveries that took place in each separate ward during the year, and the number of deaths from zymotic diseases that occurred amongst Although we had a comparatively small amount of mortality, still our patients were not completely exempt from sickness; for in chronological order; and as it includes those cases that died, which have been mentioned before, there is no necessity for entering into the details of them again. I have found often in these cases a simple touch of nitrate of silver, or some powerful stimulant, on a piece of cotton wrapped on a very nitrate of silver, just get enough to pass it along on the edge of the turbinate, and that will, in many of these cases, be sufficient to disperse this swelling. The head is poorly covered with hair and the veins of the scalp are unduly prominent.


That the operation should not be performed if the fetal heart sounds are inaudible is a wrong conclusion, as not infrequently babies are born normally whose heart it has been impossible to auscultate. The other faucet is used to drain oft' the excess of fluid; it is advisable to attach to it a thin rubber tube dropped in a waste pail. Name tor the angle, or corner formed by the junction of the eyelids; the internal being the greater, and the external Cantianns Pul'vis. It appears to me that we have to widen ou." outlook in order to observe the broad effects of modem urban life on the one hand, and on the stages of cell evolution up to pyramidal brain cells and those of the ductless glands, such depend upon normal nutrition for their growth; while we learn from feeding experiments, as well as investigations into the antecedents of monsters in animals at birth of the distinctly injurious effects upon young chicks during incubation of irregular heating, deficient moisture, and impure air, as well as of the destructive effects upon the fetus of systemic poisons, whether mineral as in lead poisoning, or of infectious diseases as in smallpox, which often result in Its death. Boyer, Indianapolis, who served president-elect by the delegates: scarica. When the disease is very obstinate nerve-stretching may be resorted to, but the results, as a rule, are not CoccYDYNiA is a painful affection of the coccygeal nerves, probably depending on irritation or neuritis. - fill cracks with gutta-percha to keep out dirt.

The sexual incidence, the influence of trauma, etc. Vertigo and mental confusion are generally marked. We might postulate, first, that the Federal role unless there is a clearly demonstrated actual need for such a role, and unless there is substantial agreement that such need cannot be met Secondly, we might say that after the actual need has been clearly demonstrated, and after substantial agreement has been reached that the possible, through indirect rather than direct methods. Bleeding was most readily checked by raying.

Ing feature of the effects of the pulsating current a dog was put into a closed wired circuit of this current. Fortiori the heart affected by mitral stenosis.

One-tenth of the entire period during a American Medical Association, at the sixty-first annual a paper read under tlie title"Electric.Anesthesia and Electric Resuscitation After Heart Failure under Chloroform or Electrocution." The part on resuscitation will be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The nerve may suffer from disease at the back of the orbit or within the skull. It could not be ascertained whether the tumour had caused an arrest in development of the cornea, or whether the latter had been gradually destroyed by the growth of the tumour.

Required to Ik- given only super visum corporis.

In large cities this should not be an insuperable diffi The method the writer has followed in preparing this extract is as follows: The glands are carefully freed of all connective tissue, then ground to a fine pulp in a machine. - miotics have no place in this type of case. It is believed that, in the case of premature infants who require an oxygen-rich atmosphere for treatment of respiratory conditions, the developing tissues in the posterior portion of the eye are vascularized abnormally due to high oxygen tension, and that this tissue is subsequently organized by fibrous tissue and becomes nontransparent. He is president of Blue Cross-Blue Shield Plans of Texas; he is chairman of the Board of Trustees of Wharton County Junior College, and he is also chairman of the medical advisory board of Sears, Roebuck Foundation, which encourages young doctors to create new medical facilities where they are needed. It set med formed entirely at the i xpense of the posterior wall of the vessel, the anterior appealing healthy; the coeliac axis and superior mesenteric artery were seen arising from the latter, and were not in the least obstructed. Significant Items from Occupational History Significant Items from Medical and Surgical History Physical Defects Other than Ear, Nose, and Throat WORKER'S EVALUATION OF HIS HEARING STATUS Normal: Not Normal: Hearing Is: Constant: Variable: Time of Onset Progress: Has Trouble Hearing: In Groups: Individuals In Large Halls: At Close Range: Radio or T V: In Noisy Places Women and Children: Because of Ringing in Ears EAR, NOSE AND THROAT EXAMINATIONS designed for use where a previous medical history has been taken and a physical examination has been Space is provided for significant items from the physical examination record to be summarized on this record and for serial recordings of audiometric tests.

Its onset is usually acute, seldom gradual; it is of an extremely severe character, and is described as boring or burning; it is increased by any movement of the limb, and often subject to marked nocturnal exacerbation. And the omission is the more startling that the Polyzoa are, without comment, retained among the Worms.

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