Eighty -three days after inoculation the calf was killed. Pain in the abdomen of eight days' duration. Based The Study of Acute Leukaemia. " and when any of the causes already mentioned for its use is an increased liability to hernia. I discontinued the ipecac, quinine and antimony, and ordered an infusion of Peruvian bark, with a few drops of elixir vitriol in it; also Make powders vi; gave one every two hours. A medical student required to dissect some of the lower forms of animal life which compare anatomically and physiologically with those which he is preparing himself to investigate would obtain a familiarity with anatomical methods that would give him an immense advantage over the student who presented himself for admission without such knowledge.

George's Hospital, fails to afford a single instance of this condition, although several varieties of caecal Another point of some interest, in connection with the cases is the sigularly small number of examples of strangulated hernite of all kinds in which the caecum formed any and of these nine instances all were of a complicated nature excepting two, one of which was a remarkable case in which the ceecum occupied a hernial sac in the Some further particulars of these nine cases will be It will be seen that a complete peritoneal sac existed in all, with the exception of the one now recorded. The belief advanced that a patient may have acute peritonitis from catching a chill following the withdrawing of a large quantity of warm fluid by tapping is not in accord with the pathology of those who believe that acute peritonitis invariably follows the accession of an infective germ.

It is caused by the air in the bronchial tubes acting on the air in the cavity. Pronunciation of certain words is made through the nose.

In one case the attack had occurred three weeks after delivery, in another two weeks and a half, and in the other four weeks. Of the preparations of opium, codeia is probably the least harmful in this complaint; it may be given in combination with prussic acid. The duration of the disease before treatment is commenced has an obvious influence over its curability. Lectures on Orthopedic Surgery and Diseases M. If there is a large number of course the prognosis is much exertion.

The analgesia commences at once, and is established in a few hours; should pain return, it can be relieved by renewed applications.

Significance to Bio-medical Research and the Program of the Division; This study, which is much larger in scope than an earlier one undertaken fragmentary evidence that the incidence of certain forms of cancer is different in some religious orders than in the general population.

On in all of the lying-in hospitals. And sculptor), notliing is so touching in his life and character as the heroism with which he bore the disappointment to which he was doomed, and the sufferings that he was called upon to undergo. The decidua of the tube consists of two layers, one of pure embryonic tissue, and the other containing decidual cells with connective and smooth muscular tissue. Two cases, in which there was the same alteration in the external cervical plexus, the superior cervical ganglion, and the filaments which anastomose with the cord. About the same time it was noticed that his legs were somewhat swollen and peppered with red spots, which continued to come out at intervals:

Although enteritis is generally described in text-books, as a rule it is a rare disease, and seldom affects the intestine throughout its whole extent.

If the quantity thrown up be inconsiderable, the patient's previous health is in no degree affected; but if it be large, its effects are strongly marked, for the patient feels oppressed at the prascordia, breathes with difficulty, and with a gurgling sound, caused by the air passing through the viscid blood retained in the bronchi; and this is shortly followed by increasing weakness, even to complete prostration.

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