There is no doubt that a certain few cases are wisely treated variously at the physician's discretion by cold or warmth, by blisters or leeches, according to particular indications. By the time he reached his house, his outward clothing began to freeze, but the boy had already through the exercise recovered from the chill; his clothes were now changed for dry, and he experienced no subsequent tenderness from cold as the other boy did. He may lack some of the motivation to succeed The Alaska Native is in a transition and often not of development.

Your reference committee has unanimously decided this proposed amendment to the Constitution should be approved for (The legal counsel for the Association here called attention to the fact that the amendments to the Constitution that were approved would have to lay over for "" one year and come up again at the next meeting of the House of Delegates before they One of the oldest private hospitals in the United States operated for the care and treatment of nervous Modernly equipped to provide the use of all accepted methods of treatment.

These growing pains were usually an expression of muscular or fascial rheumatism, and few greater responsibilities devolved upon us than of edticating the public as to the significance of such pains.

Fui'ther research is needed to understand better the significance of formal learning to Alaska The motivation for an education is more than the mere pursuit of a job and the alternatives to school were also considered. The condition of the otosclerotic does not follow the changes ill wcatlier, liuniidity, etc., as do so many of the middle ear conditions. This no doubt accounts for the optimistic spirit which surrounds any one of Shaw's writings in its final outcome, in spite of occasional insistence on some plan of his own conception or adoption, an ultimate faith in the gradual working out of solu tions to the problems involved. Without "" it growth is markedly retarded.

The back yard and the basement of this home In this picture a child is playing near broken sewer manhole on the beach Broken sewer manhole on beach near Bootlegger's Cove. McVail if he intended to suggest that every case of labour in England and Wales was to be seen by a registered medical practitioner. Finally, one of the finger print experts of the Navy Department was called in, the man's finger prints were taken, and almost immediately he was identified as to name, station, place of enlistment, etc. Ward Cousins asked" if any friendly society paid by the job." Mr.


D, paral'ytU, paialyaia of the muscles of the soft palate and larynx after subsidence of the chief symptoms in diphtheria. Persistent contraction of a muscle after the current to the motor of turning noticed when the galvanic current is applied to the growing organs of plants. It may remain in the stain for several amyloid areas in microscopical sections.

The fascia superficialia presents, beneath the crural arch, very distinct fibres, whose direction ia parallel to the fold of the thigh. Spontaneous opening or rupture, as of an absoees, or of an DUaggregm'tion. There appointed by the Governor and many of them subject to approval by the Legislature. Luteum containing dark lugment or bIcMxl or oliTa'rilun, see Corpora elivaria and Corjtora of the spermatic arteries and veins in the cavity of the abdomen, anterior to the psoas muscle; and vascular painlltB situated beneath the epidermis, called by Breschet neurothdic apparatus; substance arises before the prostate gland, surrounds the urethra, and forms the Inilb; it then proceeds to the end of the corpora cavernosa, and terminates in the glans penis, which it forms; where the urethra enters the bulb it is surrounded by a layer of erectile tissue, called by Kobelt oollieuli bulbi.

Involuntary and constant flow ca tears upon the cheek; usually symptomatic of disease of the iaorymal passages, and ooourring when the tears cannot pass into the ductos ad nasum.

On the first, second, third, and fourth segmental nerves the existence of a former stationary collar around the tube, with a series of the origin of the vertebrate nervous system believes that the histology of the central nervous system shows that bilateral chain of ganglia hing vertical to a extending as far forward as the tuber cinereum and infundibulum. On which is equal to egg-albumen as to its food value, but much more easily digested.

Medical and Sunjical Kepi)r:snfth" Baston Citii BACILLUS DIPHTHEEIiE ASD ITS VARIANTS. Jagged pieces of shell almost invariably carry infection along with them. When inconveniently large the fluid may be evacuated by puncturing; with a trocar, but as it collects agiun this is only palliative.

Among them Surgeon-Captain Beyts was singled out for special mention for his heroic conduct. The great object is to sdect a climate which will admit of regular and duly exercise in the open air, so that the invalid majf derive every advantage which this the winter months is a most important object of aa all sudden cnangea interfere mth tJw-great demd which, again, is unfavorable to those predisposed to cerebral dismues, espeoialiy to such ae are charaoterised by debility and moUUty of the nervous system. On the general question of colotomy in cancer of the rectum, he recommended that inguinal colotomy should always be done whether subsequent incision of the rectum was decided upon or not.

To be effective, a registry program cannot remain static, but must be capable of adapting to the changing needs and character of the population. Personally, I can see no difficulty.

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