The wound was inflicted near the eye.

From this time on a continued fever of remittent character, diminished power and sensibility in left arm and leg, with severe neuralgic pains and cramps in the affected extremities. But, to return to the British American Journal. Mills thought this was a case of reversion. The Physical Signs are those of a large pericardial effusion, extensive pra;cordial dulness, and enfeeblement or absence, of the heart sounds. At the autopsy there was found, on the left side posteriorly, in the occipital region, a clot of blood lying between the pia and the dura mater. Zdrowia - it is therefore deposited in one part or another of the body where no force exists which is capable of ejecting it; or its final transformation is not completed until after the lapse of a long period of In some of Sydenham's writings one is occasionally surprised to find teachings which seem to be strongly at namely, that physicians should be careful not to set up hypotheses which are not based upon observed facts. " (Haeser.) They attributed an important influence to the salivaT, the pancreatic "" juice and the bile in effecting the changes mentioned. The men employed on this work suffered from a great amount of illness.

Van Santvoord read a paper on Having alluded to some of the numerous causes of weakness of the heart structure without valvular disease, very prominent among which is typhoid fever, he stated that in many instances a positive diagnosis can only be made after a very careful and thorough investigation of the case. This prospect alone is sufficient to justify experimental work test upon the subject. Not only strive to improve ourselves, but must do a better job in telling people what we are trying to do. Unquestionably the earlier physicians of these countries made many valuable contributions to medical knowledge, but they were made at such a period of time, or under such conditions, that they could not have exerted an appreciable influence upon the development of was exerted by Assyria and Persia, and especially by Egypt. Men who hibernate in their clo.sets and indulge in day dreams may evolve, by means of the proper equipment for scientific investigations, that which is of value, but the practical worker can apply these deductions and test them in the severe school of experience, and we need just such evidence as these practical I claim too that a medical journal should be constantly on the lookout to present all that is of interest to the medical guild, ever alert to advance its material good, striving in the direction of the complete organization of its members. Peabody said that he could corroborate all the conclusions of the paper, and that he would like to emphasize, perhaps even more strongly than Professor Flint had done, ihe fact that chronic Bright's disease may continue indefinitely without causing serious trouble in individuals whose condition in life is such that no stress is brought to bear upon any par NEW YORK COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. A little before this time the physicians of Paris were split up into two strongly antagonistic parties as regards the propriety of administering this metal in any form as a remedy; but those who opposed its therapeutic employment finally prohibiting its use. He also employed opium, Lately, we have been supplied with the class of ant-esthetics, from which there is every reason to anticipate the happiest effects. Asclepiades, a Greek physician, the exception of bloodletting, which he introduced was pain, but would not bleed iii pneumonia which was unaccompanied with pain. He spoke, also, of the great neglect of sanitary regulations in Albany, and pointed out, in pertinent language, some of the existing violations of public bygiene. It was with relatively scant attention that the program of the present administration, as presented to Congress in the name of general economy, brought to light a disapproval of the size of the appropriation proposed for the Veterans Administration. He had the bowels and bladder emptied, and used antiseptic douches for twenty-four hours previously, and a very hot one immediately prior to the Induced Labor was the subject of a paper by Dr. In these patients a state of respiratory acidosis would exist consisting of a low blood pH and a high acidosis a restlessness, confusion, or marked depression sometimes was present; in two or three patients this seemed to be related to the degree of CO, accumulation.

On the other hand, the Jews, who, owing to city life, have been exposed to infection for many generations, show a very high resistance. It is further known that the Athenians lavishly heaped honors upon Hippocrates, initiating him at public expense into the mysteries of the Eleusinia, giving him a crown of gold, and distinguishing him in still other ways: The nasal, frontal and ethmoidal mucous membrane, admit of a wide extension of disease. The cough is occasionally severe and paroxysmal, and expectoration is variable, depending rather on the condition of the lungs than on that of the larynx. PERFORATION OF THE MASTOID CELLS. But it may exceptionally cause jaundice by obstructing the bile duct, or dropsy by pressure on the vena cava.

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