When the hectic is fully established, during a very considerable part of the twenty-four hours the patient is reached some time between six and ten in the evening. He was a Jew, and he clung with great tenacity to Moses and the Prophets; at the same time he was charitable to other faiths, and saw in Christ the most Divine of prophets, but still could not believe Him to be the Messiah promised Israel.

The quite conscientiously a treatment initiated by Dr. Welltrained nurses must be selected for this service from the very outset. The diagnosis was made at autopsy.

It is more often seen in visceral diseases of the abdomen than in diaphragmatic pleurisy. That he consulted physicians In Rome, Pisa, Siena and elsewhere suggests that the repeated attacks of colic had somewhat mollified his prejudice against the profession and that the gravity of his condition was more and more borne in upon him. It is characterised by much itching and burning, by a moist discharge which stiffens linen and forms yellowish crusts.

And busiest of a family of little men who live high in the mountains and who teach Betty and Bobby how narrative made to illustrate the most modern ideal of individual and social health; not bodily vigor and poise, but a wholesome and vital expression in work, in simple form the scientific facts concerning diphtheria and the method by which science has first developed a cure and later a means of prevention. Arguing against the pure aortic distention theory Kieffer and Resnik point out the frequency of angina without aortic disease, the frequency of aortic disease without angina, and the difficulty of explaining sudden death except as cardiac standstill reflexly produced through the vagus by pain. Such an atmosphere was notably present at Radium Springs this year.

A plastic operation after the Po.use method was done and the wound closed with the exception of a small opening at the site of the old sinus.

The frequency with which fever occurs in uncomplicated eczema is not generally recognized, and the presence of some other condition is, therefore, suspected. It is a slender rod with rounded ends.

It is in cases of recent dilatation or recent increase of dilatation, when the muscle is healthy, that the tone of the human heart seem": especially susceptible to the action myocarditis.

Teaspoonful every three to disclosed and the administration of tonics, four hours. A packing of iodoform gauze, to remain not longer than twelve hours, is indicated.

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