Statistics have been taken from those cases only in which there is no doubt as to the operative finding- The cysts Pre benign; one kidney onlv is the seat of disease (Exception: Von Berg man's case in which both kidneys were affected).

Xor can simple dissections upon the cadaver convey any true idea of how the living organism carries out its functions.

The occurrence of albumen, mostly in connexion -with morphological elements, I have seen in my observations, on the whole, six times. The belief that we were dealing with a cytological product was strengthened by the trend of the charts. The fontanels were of enormous size, and a few days FATEER ON THE RADICAL CURE OF HERNIA. Examination of the abdomen revealed it to be slightly distended.

Passed thoii- Examination in the Science and Practice of Medicine, and received Certificates to practise, on Thursday, HioiiAEDs, Dr. An increase in tension produces arteriosclerosis, causes rupture of a diseased artery, apoplexy; overtaxes the heart, myocarditis; accompanies or in some cases apparently causes renal insufficiency, nephritis. It is here, as in other instances where it occurs, due to some disturbance of innervation, and makes one of a group of symptoms, incident to the state of collapse or shock. This inability to distinguish feeble sensations against a strong background of the same sensation is true of all human sensory functions. The medical social worker is a member of the rehabilitation team services are often not utilized as fully as pos.sible. In general the appearance was that of an emphysematous type of The lungs showed dullness over the left apex with fine moist rales and bronchovesicular breath sounds anteriorly and bronchial breathing posteriorly. A Clinicopathological Conferences of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Good income with good Lvixurious, spacious office to share on Queens Blvd. Moore presented the following report: Mr. The so called pulsating exophthalmos caused by a rupture of the internal carotid within the cavernous sinus is plainly different from the exophthalmos of Basedow's disease. In this manner only can we account for the variation originating in a given generation, where physical and mental characteristics, which we would naturally expect to be transmitted, are submerged completely and for all time. When somebody sneezes in Seoul, same medicine. Present methods for getting smear material have not proved wholly satisfactory. In two of these cases, which were subacute in character, but in which many joints were affected and the temperature was only moderately elevated, I failed to get a cure under the usual rest treatment with the addition, of course, of the salicylates combined with alkalies, and as in these two cases the tonsils appeared normal on careful examination, and, as the tonsillar glands were neither palpable nor tender, I searched for other portals of entry. Many of Professor Flower's friends were extremely anxious that he should intimate his willingness to accept the appointment, for which he undoubtedly possesses the highest qualifications, both personal and scientific. The patients are nearly always males, as the condition is practically unknown in the female. Ultraviolet light is of a shorter wave length than visible light. Cooke has appealed against this decision, which appears to us simply absurd. The serum is difficult to prepare in adequate strength, and attempts at its manufacture are at times probably entirely unsuccessful.

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