The natives hold certain thorny lianas responsible for the disease, and Flu thinks ticks may hide on these plants and act as transmitters of the disease. The knowledge of these conditions, and the task of the present generation was to express in the exact terms of pathology and physiological chemistry that extremely valuable hut inexact general knowledge. I have seen many similar cases, some continuously under mercurial treatment, which seemed unable to afifect their Wassermann test. The portio is exposed by a large speculum, and, sagittal ojienings having been made in the anterior and posterior vaginal vaults, the bladder and vesical fold of peritoneum and that of Douglas's pouch are detached from the which are then divided in the median plane.

All went well for a quarter of an hour, but at tweiity-tive minutes pas six tlie explosion of an E string on our Hrst violin made all wlio lieard it start; and as it struck the half liour a loud horn was heard calling the obtained during twenty minutes. When the tumor was exposed it was so soft and its external reviews appearance was so much like an ovarian cyst that I was certain it was one. At the same time, the person so registering (unless a graduate in medicine and surgery of some reputable school or college, or a legal practitioner of medicine or surgery in the state of Ohio at the time of the passage of this act), shall exhibit both the license and the diploma herein required to the probate judge: clomid. Surgeons to works, too, are often compelled to take with the cmployd their wives and children at the usual club rates; when this is the case, they invariably find that nine-tenths of their trouble is in connection with the this kind: they would better consult their own welfare and the dignity of the profession by leaving such institutions severely alone. There was hemorrhage into the pia arachnoid in the left frontal region, and considerable hemorrhage into the substance of the left frontal lobe.

No scientific man ever succeeded"Now we, in this college, have been trying to help you do this very thing. Who can tell how much of the blood poisoning is caused by the air that has passed over diseased surfaces as compared with the amount caused by direct absorption beneath those surfaces? and how small is that closed amount of poison compared with that likely to occur in a tracheotomy wound? Moreover, that air current can be loaded with antiseptic vapors and thus applied directly to those diseased surfaces. The disease generally runs a longer and more severe course during the late autumn and winter months than during the spring and summer. The acid is then packed in casks and shipped from Leghorn to England, where it is refined into the pure pulverized boracic acid With the opening of this session this institution introduces a number of improvements in its curriculum. The duties consist of being responsible for twice as many hours as the senior, being in the leaves the prison, the medical oflicer on duty is not ex-pected to leave the prison precincts. A full report on the results of treatment in the present epidemic will be made by Captain Lambie. The abdominal wound should never be closed in any septic case. The inhaler and lower parts of the patient's face should be enveloped in a perhaps it is best not to permit of more than one or two stertors before removing the inhaler.

Today all the services we offer reflect our continuing commitment to help our customers as their health care needs change.

We have, indeed, ourselves seen some severe inflammations "coupon" caused by the scratch of a nail. It is covered by the skin, dartos, and cellular tissue. It does not make him small to say that what he found out must have come to light had he never lived. Eavesdropping is as old as time. Keller found that all the old operations for the relief of hallux valgus were unsatisfactory. Sansom, requested me to graft a slieep's thyioid into a case of myxoedema, Tvhich was then under his care in the London Hospital. Army, commanding the Ambulance Corps trainmg camp at Allentown, Pa., has been promoted to the rank of colonel in the National Army, and several members of his staff have likewise received promotion.

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