It is to the principal of these varieties only, and, moreover, to such as have obtained footing in our own island, that we can attempt to pay any attention; nor shall we be able to dwell at great length upon them. The patient was requested to return in three or four days if no better, or if only partially cured. The object of transfusion, then, is to provide those morphological elements and active principles from the donor which can improve the impaired metabolism of the recipient and stimulate his cells and hemopoietic organs. Many of these women have come to me with these complicated formulae and asked for something easier and in many cases I have had to go back to the proprietary foods. These number faulty diction, disputed pronunciations, abbreviations, etc., etc. Subsequently, milk and sodium bicarbonate, standing with barley water, custard puddings, and ment is advisable. Klein that milk, once inoculated with the diphtheria bacillus, serves as an excellent multiplving ground for the organism even at But the more we learn of milk as a vehicle of diphtheria, the more probable does it become that the infection is much more frequently derived from the cow herself than from repeated specific contamination by the human subject. The Italian quarter was placed in my hands, and I have not forgotten the appreciation shown by those kindly people for my efforts in their behalf and the zeal and intelligence they showed in aiding this good work. Mental or physical overwork, debility, chronic indigestion, habitual excesses, and convalescence from severe illness are face, with pillows so placed as to be comfortable. A dry hot air is better tolerated than a moist one at a lower temperature, because it favours perspiration and keeps the body cool; while damp air diminishes evaporation and the ecg refrigerating proe esses of the body. Briggs what current strength he used, and if it was sufficient to cause contractions Dr. Lupulus; Convolvulus bractea of this plant: it is dried and used in various kinds of strong beer (

No large cells are observed in them. The headache may be general, of a dull painful tpye, associated with confusion of thought and feeling. Before dressing the cord, the ligature must be carefully examined, and if not firm, or there be oozing, it must be retied; the "" genitals and anus should also be noticed in case of malformation. It is capable of the finest manufacture, and is especially suited to the fine shawl trade of are already sent to France in large quantities, at Mr. The lambs are generally large, and the ewes fat, and so a The lambs are kept up for a few nights, leaving them out with the mothers in the day-time. Thus, diphtheria bacilli, grown on the surface of blood serum or agar-agar, often become elongated, clubbed, or branched; tuliercle bacilli also show a tendency to elongation and branching or clubbing; anthrax bacilli may grow as yeast forms. I have thought it better to appeal to modern laboratory evidence on which so much stress is rightly laid nowadays; and something new has a force that something older does not possess; in science as well as in that other sphere, there is efficacy in"the expulsive power of a Pavlow virtually established that gastric juice flowed in consequence of a psycho-motor (glandulo-motor) reflex action. Chloral hydrate, at its introduction lauded to the skies as a wonderful and safe hypnotic, fell into disuse from reckless use and overuse. Although I cannot accept his experiment as conclusive, I am forced to concur with Lister to this extent, that in inflammation the endothelium of the good vessel walls becomes altered, the cells becoming enlarged. The flesh was soft and red, but the heart, liver, and brain were sound. The face finally becomes extremely cyanotic. Establishing the hospital in Strizzowan von Scherer placed some of his patients in the castle, others in a barren and the rest in stables. Of - austin found, that by repeated distillations lithic acid was resolved into ammonia, When lithic acid is projected into a flask with chlorine, tiiere is formed, in a little time, muriate of ammonia, oxalate of ammonia, carbonic acid, muriatic acid, and malic acid; the same results are obtained by passing chlorine through water, holding and eiSoy, a likeness: so called from its hardness.) The petrous portion of the temporal bone. Eegnard has shown that putrefactive organisms are kept for weeks in a sound condition under such pressures, even when such organisms were known to be present. This is seen the statistics of the first three and the last three weeks.


In pleurisy with effusion one lung may have its function practically abolished and the other be seriously compressed, yet oxygen is seldom called for. In the course of six or eight days a small portion of tlouror barley-meal may be added to the milk; and after that, potiito-flour, mashed carrots, or turnips, boiled cabbage-leaves.

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