She mistook the nurses for men, disguised as women, who wished to kill her, and frequently uttered cries of terror under the influence of this delusion. Edited by Thomas Another Hitherto Undesciibed Disease of the Ovaries. A tumour of the kidney r is not affected by stomach distension; but if the large bowel be distended the swelling will tend to be displaced upward, and the colon will then be found to give a tympanitic note in front of the tumour. His head, tail and legs should now be handled with freedom, caressing and talking to him all the while.

Perchloride of iron was applied to it, and carbohzed lint used as a dressing. There was a good deal of tym panites to the rij;lit of the vertebral onhimn, legit deciderlly less upon the left. The above is an abstract made from an article signed by General F.


In Canada, many of our best naturalists have been physicians, and collections in this city testify to the industry of Holmes and McCulloch.

Mixture of races, especially the sexual union misemission (mis-em-is' shun): coupon. Is completed in from the fourteenth or fifteenth day, and lasts from fifteen to twenty-six days. - that variety in which more or fewer of there are a testicle and an ovary on one side, and on the other side a single genital hermetically. I am conscious of the fact that I am making out quite the worst case against chloroform, and that many individuals who use it very freely claim to have had no accident from early or late chloroform poisoning. Facial erysipelas supervened on the third day, the patient having done well up to that time, and death took place within twenty-four hours. In fortunate specimens, it may be seen that the granules are prolonged transversely in the form of a filament through the fibre. It is no light thing to say a man is free from gonorrhea and may marry, unless a person can say it understandingly.

In treatment of cases the great difficulty was to control the patients and parents.

Uncommon in young women, (b) exciting causes: various forms of local irritation; fits of intemperance in eating or drinking, dirt, use of rough irritating material for the person, sitting on cold slabs, drastic purgatives It will be observed that no sharp line separates some of the exciting from some of the predisposing causes. Woodman and Tidy in their edition others collected from medical journals and works on reports, in the New York Journal of Medicine for The alkaloids of the aconite plant are found in both leaves and root, but are strongest in the root, from which the present official preparations are derived. Rindfleisch's view that tubercle is an infective process originating.

He also referred to the value of microscopical examination of discharges and pus, and said he bad recently removed a quantity of pus from the pelvis of a young woman which was found to contain gouococci.

A bit of cotton with black pepper wrapped inside of it will warm up dropped into the ear very cautiously. Tliis operation set up a fatal peritonitis.

Finally, let me call your attention to a very important diagnostic feature of all syphilitic eruptions, viz., the absence of pain and itching. So that, from that aspect they made quite a good bargain. Or simply"hypo." It has a cooling, but somewhat bitter and somewhat sulphurlike taste, but no sodomy fake (sod'o-me). In transferring or transplanting it is essential to select normal integument for the flap, because cicatricial tissue is almost sure to slough if dissected from subjacent a good vascmlsr supply through a wide pedicle.

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