I hope the introduction of myself in this case will be excused, as I am giving the results of my own personal observations on the subject under consideration.

The wording of the duties of the North Carolina surgeon-general, as laid down in "coupons" the manual of regulations, was almost identical with the style of the Confederate After his appointment. Several times the ether had to be withdrawn as necessary to give small hypodermatic injections of whiskef to stimulate the flagging heart. It was this want of control and supervision which rendered the inquiries already held so necessary. Is it safe? If so it should surely displace the morphine-atropine injections. When vitreous escapes from an iridectomised eye, any further small amount which may be lost after the application of the dressings does not add in an appreciable degree to the attendant risks; but if the iris be entire, the immediate effect of the loss is to lift the iris into the section, and thus to produce, even in favourable cases, entanglement, delayed healing, and distortion of the corneal curvature. ) Der Zucker in seiner Bedeutung Zuckern durch Oxydation. Large, movable and pedunculated goitres are suitable for extirpation, even when fibrous or calcified. The original break must have reviews been associated with the accident.

In some, though few lesions, one only of the two above varieties was found, while in most instances the two were indifferently present.

Lie was under the care of our physicians for some time, by whose directions his swellings did by times abate; but afterw.irds it was observed, that the method which had been beneficiall to others, had not here the like success, his swellings returning upon him as before, so that there was nothing more now to be thought of, but a paracenthesis, which operation, however, is judged very hazardous, by reason of the time of the year, and for that the patient was very muth tmaciated; yet he being so much swelled, that it was uneasy to him to lie in his bed, he importuned us very often, and with great earnestness, that the operation might be performed. The anorexia increased, until two months later he was unable to take any solid food; forced attempts were followed by vomiting. Fahsar read a statement embodying the facts of the case, from which it appeared that Mr. The lowest rates were recorded in Lurgan and Drogheda, and the higliest in Dundalk and Sligo. The alcohol is distilled off", and the filtrate on evaporation yields crystals of pure barium chlorate.

The Optimistic Doctor Will Succeed Best I hope that you will continue to fill your pages with your irresistible optimism.

Br.) lE, Morningtoii Ave'noe, Kensington, W, Golden Hill Fort, Isle of Wight Queen's Road, South Norwood, S.E. I believe that it is by working in this direction that progress is to be made, and that it is by a of the factors that determine every deviation from the normal type presented by the subject which bears an abnormal relationship to its surroundings, that we will be in a position to ascertain the mode of development of every detail in the anatomy of the organism which bears to its surroundings what we may regard as a normal relationship; or, in other words, a non-specialised relationship, and to verify absolutely the problem of evolution.


It was determined to adopt a supporting treatment, and to endeavor to build up the general health, patient being rendered insensible by a mixture of chloroform and ether, the entrance wound was enlarged by a straight incision downward and three INJURIES OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. The general health was fair before the attack of grippe, which she has had for ten days. Resolution began, but was followed, a week later, by symptoms of general infection from a pneumonic focus which had not cleared up, and a larger deep abscess developed in the region of the left buttock. But this agent" usually impairs digestion, and, if continued in large doses, will lessen the normal activity of the brain. Statistics show that the educated man It is said that petroleum has been discovered in large quantities in the vicinity of Lake Ainsley, Cape Breton; and above the level of the sea confers immunity from yellow fever. The art of song-writing was then carried to perfection, and composers were not content to regard the words of a song as a mere peg on which to hang the music, but sought the services of true-born lyrists.

For operation although it may be done at any age (

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