This question of heredity is one of the most important, alike in physiology and pathology, and at the same time one of the most abstruse; for physiology has not yet opened its gates sufficiently wide to enable us to explain the well established facts of heredity, either as regards normal life, or as regards disease. A resinous bitter principle from rhubarb. The third form appears chiefly among women. An alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and hops. ForCHOLPJUA INFANTUM, LACBISMO undiluted is a safe, reliable and LAC-BISMO is considered a specific for uloeratrd surfaces, chronic inllammation of mucous membranes, sup- j Soothing in effect; prompt and certain Bismuth Subnitrate, Bismuth Subcarbonate and Hydrated Oxide of Bismuth are presented in powder form only for dispensing purposes. The Anthropometric Committee of the British Association, whobe the general physical characters of the inhabitants of the British Isles, especially those relating to race, age, sex, social condition, and sanitary surroundings, and indicated several lines of inquiry of tlie most important and interesting of these subordinate inquiries is the influence of occupation on the physical development and conformation of tlie body, and a committee was appointed at the last meeting of the British Association to follow it up. Both should says that onion juice"is fatal to a large number purpose.

All the steroids, even prednisone and some of the newer steroids, will produce a catabolic state, an anti-anabolic state.

Colorado and you have been kind enough to say is the New Mexico represent all that is desirable most complete laboratory in the territory, during the summer, while the low lands of How to destroy the streptococci has been Arizona are nearly ideal. This seems to be equally true whether we consider the products of normal or of abnormal metabolism, or the effects of poisons in the body.

The chief of these ethereal sulphates are indoxyl sulphate of potassium and phenyl sulphate of potassium, the former body is derived from the indole, which is produced in the intestine by the bacterial action which goes on there, and it appears in the urine as indican. Ten to fifteen days' treatment both the sub Dr. The tlask may be tilled with any remedy desired ilercurj', etc. A curious illustration of this was given, in a recent epidemic of pneumonia, in the mining camp at Tonapah, Nevada, with a death rate of eighty per cent., in which, on account of the intense pain in the region of the liver, the occurrence of jaundice, and the remarkable blackening of this organ found after death, the disease was popularly known as"Black Liver" or"Black Death of the Liver." It would appear that, here again, as under other conditions, the liver is the principal protector of the body tissues against to.xins from whatever source; and that the question of the degree of systemic invasion is largely a question of the degree to which it can rise to the emergency. Small sample and literature free. How much urine will an over-distended bladder contain in a living adult patient having a normal urethral escape througli an unobstructed catheter aided by manual It was my belief that the wheel of the cart had struck against the crest of the left ilium first, then, as the" body was pushed along by it," the wheel slipped from the crest upward, and its force was thus applied to the left lumbar region and to its contents; facts that were substantiated by the assertions of the patient, and the area of ecchv mosis located thereat. Gushing and Clarke contributed last year a most interesting paper on" Copious Water-drinking and Polyuria in Typhoid Fever" to the American Journal of the Medical Sciences (February, Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. Although the prophylaxis and treatment of cancer by immune techniques is improbable, research in this field may prove very fruitful. The private physician can assist still further in urging private and hospital laboratory reporting of positive serology tests for syphilis. It may be sharply defined or not, and in the former case it may be symmetrical or unsymmetrical with the median line. Even the probable causation of this injury, and where there is a constant tendency to dis- believes that pressure of the anterior s'houl location, massage is useful, since it stimu- der against the symphysis pubis is the most joint; it should here be used with ambula- ftction of Adrenalin, Simonovich (Roussky Vratch), arrives at Pneumonia with Suppurative Synovitis the following conclusions: (l) The drug, A young woman had pneumonia of the left introduced per os in quantities far exceedlower lobe.

The manipulations are continued rhythmically at the rate of about twelve per minute. The agent is inexpensive and only low This new, very potent, nonexplosive controversial anesthetic agent which has become popular for numerous and sundry operative procedures has not really been used very extensively in Dumke states that despite statements to the contrary, post partum hemorrhage or uterine hypotonicity do not occur following anesthesia anesthesia with the modest depth of anesthesia The induction is rapid and pleasant.

A name for several compounds of Chloremia, klo-re'-me-ah.

The devil soon returns in the form of body. In a few minutes a cream-coloured precipitate falls, consisting of the lead salt of the object of our search, with some excess of lead acetate (

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