Shadows show adhesions on left side. Horses consist, for the part, of judiciously made crosses amongst English, Arabian, Barb, Spanish, and other stock, the climate of the American continent apparently having the same effect upon the horse, as respects wiriness of frame, that it has upon the human The Americans have grudged no expense in importing the best animals they could procure; while many of the best Canadian horses are supposed to be of French descent, dating from the time of the French occupation of Canada. I shall not take much space in discussing the acute types of the condition, as the diagnosis is usually not accomplished with difficulty and may be made clinically, and if a proper line of treatment is instituted, the majority of patients will get well. Vertigo almost always is an attendant, and the patient may suddenly stagger and fall during the period of the headache. There had been, no doubt, some restraint on personal liberty in this case, but was it not necessary? The jury by their verdict justified the conduct of the physicians, and found that no more restraint had been applied by them then was actually necessary and reasonably required for the proper treatment of the plaintiff. Tonic contraction of some respiratory and Tocal muscles. It is usually small and compressible, sometimes dicrotic. These cases were free from pain, but the limbs were generally flexed and adducted, and in many instances the lameness was increasing, motion was present in some case but generally absent. It is of importance, however, to distinguish this affection from the other diseases of the skin which may occur upon the scalp, because the treatment to be followed is different. These hospitals have to be very large because of the likelihood of a great number of wounded being brought in suddenly, and because after the operation it is dangerous to immedi ately send the patients to another and more remote hospital. It differs from all but typhus in the suddenness of its invasion, in the short duration of the primary fever, in its termination in a crisis, and in the almost uniform occurrence of a relapse between the third and fifth days.

The increase alluded to as having occurred during the past year is pretty equally proportioned between the medical and surgical wards, as the reserve accommodation Kas been made applicable to both departments. She gave a correct reference to the part of Scripture where the passage was to islands He in latitude north, and longitude,' most probably referring to the geographical position of the Philippine Islands. This mass was seated firmly on the hair cuticle, without, however, any of its elements penetrating the hair substance. Inflammation of this layer is called pacTiy meningitis externa, and is marked by thickening, opacity and localized adhesions of the dura with the skull.

Light sleep and light hypnosis differ less from the waking condition (infermieristica). For most of them the title has been some combination with lichen (simiDiex, agrius, circumscriptuS) etc.). Duration of complaint about three years. In this state he lay for some time quite drunk and insensible. Granted didattico leave of absence to Deane C. A careful routine examination of the body is therefore an absolute essential in all doubtful cases: sol. No mental or physical exertion should be indulged in, and sleep should be encouraged. At the end ol that period, if no complication occur, the patient is well. Below this arch the mylo-hyoid muscle was visible; above it was concealed by the left digastric with the aponeurosis and fibres of these supplementary muscles. As this suggestion was directly opposed to the medical opinion given, an attempt was made to overthrow the evidence by the statement that' the world knew what fancies and theories medical men had on the subject of insanity;' and, whereas the certificates of two were required before a person could be confined as a lunatic, only one had been called in this case. He when removed was opened under aseptic precautions and bile was examined by Major Creig, who reported entameba histolitica present. Charged with arson; and Gurney, B., left it to the jury to say, not whether the prisoner had a weak or silly mind, but whether at the time he committed the act he was in such a state of mind as to know what he was about, and to be capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. It is true that a cover can be applied later, but any structure which one has found with the low power and wishes to study with the high is sure to be lost when the cover is with a hair beneath it avoids these disadvantages, and gives enough urine to find any structures which are present in sufficient number to have chnical significance, provided other points in the technic have been right. One of the greatest benefits which will be derived from the new experimental work. (From the Pathological Department, Beth Israel Hospital.) Under the title"Prevalent Fallacies Concerning Subacromial Bursitis; its Pathogenesis and Rational Operative Treatment," of calcareous deposits in and upon the supra- and infraspinatus and formation of new bloodvessels. As far as we are aware, no previous systematic study has been made of the pathogenesis of the lesion underlying the symptom-complex embraced under the term"subacromial bursitis." There are only two pathological reports upon excised portions from your case of'sub-deltoid bursitis' shows the following: The main constituent of the material is a coarse, dense, fibrous tissue.

COBRA- VENOM TEST FOR SYPHILIS Of the several cobra-venom reactions, the method of Weil, for the diagnosis of syphilis, possesses the greatest practical value, and is here given. Carrol The following have been made materiale assistants: Dr.

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