That it is occasionally a useful procedure, especially in the treatment of stenosis of the cervix, is true; but it can not often be necessary to deal so heroically with the delicate tissues of the interior of the uterus. If the cause is not well understood, the following treatment may be beneficial. In one instance a true acute yellow atrophy was encountered, and in several others necrotic changes which could be looked on as precursors hyperemia and focal hemorrhages being very frequent. An employee's occupation may have less to do with his health and his continued industrial efficiency than the way he spends his evenings.

Jonathan Hutchinson sums up his experience in regard to the sanitary advantages of the rite of circumcision. Cauterize the wound at once with a hot iron at white heat, and keep the adjoining parts wet with Ammonia for some hours Stings of centipedes, scorpions, and tarantulas, should be treated as for snake bite, except it is not customary to cauterize hard; or from being allowed to stand in the cold afterward; or it may develop as the early symptom of some internal disorder.

Tlie hemiplegia is on the side opposite the lesion. The whole impression of this orthopedic hospital, as well as of all the other centres, is one of an active, bustling, wide-awake, productive, and useful community. Whether or not any given article of diet should or should not be allowed must depend upon its digestibility in the given case, apart from what may be its value under healthy circumstances, and also upon what harmful by-products of digestion it may give rise to xmder the diseased conditions which may be present. On a basis of general medical examination work there developed a permanent and continuous consultation service, operated on a part-time basis at first, but now demanding full-time service as a result of the increased recjuireiTients of the community as expressed through physicians and private citizens. If there be any cure it is exercise. President Wilson vetoed the bill and told Congress plainly its duty in the matter.

Wounds of the brachial j)lexus have been found to cause hyperaemia of the section is complete, hyperipmia is only transitory, and is soon followed by a return to tlie normal condition, or even by undue anaemia, which is permanent.

We are very often at a loss to determine, especially during the first few days, whether our patient has been actually exposed to contagion and is in the initial stage of a gonorrhoea, or has only lighted up a mild inflammation by drink anil sexual excess, which will subside in a few days if left alone. This is an inflammation of the lining of the scrotum and extending up and including the lining of the belly cavity.

Per rectum might reveal condition in some cases. At any rate the responsibility is local. Bandages are particularly useful in wounds on the legs, since there the stitches will almost always pull out, unless thus reinforced. A nourishing diet and plenty of fresh fruit are an essential part of The" cure" as carried out at Bellevue Hospital: Sedative mixture (first and second nights if needed).

In the first he used faradaic electricity, but, being dissatisfied with it, in the next case he employed the galvanic current. Next the "" windows are opened a little, and the temperature falls. Attention to the general health is often requisite for long after recovery from the more immediate effects of exposure has taken place. Each district must provide by itself or cooperatively for a public health laboratory where the simpler tests may Wisconsin strengthened and defined the powers of quarantine, and includes influenza and la grippe among the Washington passed a comprehensive act regulating the sale of milk and milk products.

The term, however, is not generally applied until the changes are clearly perceptible in alteration of colour, consistence, and smell. This may be the cause of the subsidence of his fever. But one or other, or more, of the followmg appearances slightly livid, and frequently bloated if the body has lain some hours in the water. The canines seldom or never precede the first molars. In order to make this possible, the Public Health Service cooperated with the State boards of health in establishing for the control of these diseases an organized campaign, with four principal objects in view.

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