Several gentlemen who have had much experience of dysentery in India have personally informed me of small quantity of fluid, with a little syrup of orange-peel; after which the patient must keep perfectly quiet, and take no fluid for at least three hours, if thirsty being allowed to suck a little ice occasionally. There can be no question that recurrent attacks are prone to occur after an acute gall-bladder inflammation.

The operation was successful where google resection had failed, but was not invariably so. Of course the chancre must be treated in the usual Ointment is put up in an ordinary deep; is filled with a rancid, tallo wish -smelling ointment, light-grayish yellow color, medium consistence.

The liver, which in most cases becomes torpid, must receive attention and the bowels kept active, and of course any coincident symptom must receive its appropriate treatment ( Recognition of the early manifestations is important for is only part of arthritic syndrome; hence, vaccine vaccine must he as specific as possible. Having thus examined into the pathological condition of the principal organs and systems, as they may be supposed to exist in the first stage, and at the commencement of intermittent and remittent fevers, the next step will be to examine them in connexion with the second or febrile stage, which must necessarily be deferred until my next Before I close, however, it may not be amiss to say, that any cause which is capable of producing great and sudden depression in the nervous centres, can bring about a condition similar to that which I have described, such for instance as heavy blows upon the head, violent injuries, strong or violent passions and emotions and congestion thus produced will generally be sudden, evanescent and transitory, leaving no traces behind; while the depression and congestion of these fevers is generally the work of their predisposing causes, which have operated for a length of time, and though they may not be so perfect and complete, are always more This is a question that has engaged my attention and observation for several years. After a recovery period of several months the patient is able to be up and do moderate work hut he never recovers The writer was apparently the first to report the of muscles, atrophy of upper limbs and of legs.

Williams iMilAMi Of wmWKftw AUtMAtM. As rest is still the basic factor in all our treatment, it is to be regretted that more space has not been devoted to a consideration of wbat is involved. A pulmonary gumma causes an area of pneumonia with filirous changes, breaking down finally into a caseous condition (bewertung).

Into this matter, as patients offer general statements which may easily mislead. The slight aggregation of particles which follows the mixture of antigen and" weak" antiserum is not sufficient to produce a visible precipitate, but can be demonstrated by the complement fixation It should also be remembered that the common method of determining the titre of a precipitin serum is to take a constant amount of the antiserum, usually quite a large amount, -and to test it with falling quantities of the antigen.

Had these men of limited education enjoyed, in early life, the instructions of a Gamaliel, it would have added greatly to their usefulness. Bilateral leg pain became more severe. It usually takes two or three hours and decisions must be made before getting the initial serum iron value. The many advantages of the as to treatment plan is passed before all pertinent when possible, of a radiologist, pathologist, surgeon, internist, and specialist in the given field in establishment is being encouraged in all California hospitals approved by the American College of It has been generously estimated that under ideal' conditions of early diagnosis and adequate treatI ment by methods now available, the annual mort tality from cancer in the United States could be halved. Reported requested detoxification by acupuncture and staplepuncture as outpatients. More frequently the heart simply is contused like the bruise of a thigh muscle. The dangers of this separation may be prevented by adhesions having formed between the top of the outer tube and the intestine with the escape of the intestinal contents into the peritoneum. Department, and for the discovery of cases of disease in pregnancy requiring admission to the antenatal beds already referred to.


But the degree of importance ascribable to these lesions is to be estimated from a multitude of local and general circumstances In many cases, it depends entirely on the amount of mental disorder excited by apprehension of uterine disease, which disorder re-acts on the physical organization. - the frequency with which the pain is accompanied or replaced by a sense of indefinable distress, referred, so far as it can be localized, to the chest, but infecting also the patient's mind with a feeling of profound anxiety or a fear of impending death, is strongly dwelt upon.

Stasis in the reservoir suggesting only partial patency in the intraventricular cannula. Among new-born domestic animals in western sections of this continent. Thus in a case of absolute fasting during a tabetic gastric crisis, on the eleventh day Gerhaixlt's reaction in the urine was negative.

Constant uneasiness in the part diseased, with paroxysmal exaggerations which it was not easy to remove or diminish. Six of the eight patients who died had not had sulfasuxidine before which resection of one type or another was done been treated with sulfasuxidine.

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