Females Germania Lifh Insurance Co., New York City. Sometimes there "" are vasomotor edema and sweating. What would have become of it if we had done nothing? Perhaps a cure would have taken place spontaneously; but that doubtless would have been only in case the young man had given up for a time the fatiguing occupations which had been the occasional T have met several patients who, from the information furnished by them, appeared to me to have had tarsalgia of the first degree, and to have been cured without surgical treatment by refraining from long walks. Everything is going on smoothly in the second district.

Both have tremor, but in multiple sclerosis this is shown more particularly when the patient attempts to do something, as to bring a glass of water to his lips or approximate his fingers. Electricity, even independent of the other invigorating influences combined with it, is the most powerful engine or influence in nature to remedy these several defects: it gives a tone and retentive firmness to the relaxed fibres; it corrects the acrimony of the juices; by increasing the perspiration; strengthens and rejuvenates the generative powers; and effectually removes obstructions. The symptoms before death and the appearances on dissection corresponded pretty accurately with those which l)r Baron has enumerated.

He lived almost a nothing is known of the subsequent progress of his symptoms. The anterior articulating processes (prezygopophyses) are carried to the base and to each side of the odontoid in the shape of two undulating facets and are confounded with the gliding surface of the latter. Although cut off in the prime of life, M. Sheep: Clover hay, alfalfa, bran, cotton-seed meal, gluten, and Swine: Clover hay, peas, barley, and bran. In explanation of this it has been held that the symptoms thus rapidly removed are indirect focal symptoms, due to pressure of the clot on adjacent nervous tissue, while those more slow to yield are the result position with the head raised. These repeated injections are followed by stimulation of the body cells, resulting in antibody production which eventually becomes excessive, as a result of which the blood stream becomes laden with the specific protective bodies. Rats were seen in the basement and numerous rat traps were set in an attempt to isolate the spirochete from the rodents. I found nothing there, and cannot say that there is a coxo-femoral as well as a femoro-tibial Moreover, it is to be noticed that the articulation placed above the fracture, in this bone as in others, is more rarely affected with consecutive inflammation than is the articulation below. Patients with coronary disease were less able to increase coronary blood flow after carbon monoxide exposure than noncoronary subjects and began to produce lactate and pyruvate, In another study, they demonstrated in smokers with early peripheral and coronary arteriosclerosis an increased concentration of carboxyhemoglobin earlier, this was the concentration associated with production of arterial lesions in animals." In still another study, it has been shown that there is a shift in the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve in patients with peripheral vascular disease; the magnitude of this shift was associated with age All of these studies point to deoxygenation of inspired air primarily or secondarily as a causative factor in coronary disease. Others apply it to convulsions due to peripheral irritation only; others seemingly to puerperal convulsions only; others, notably Hermann Eichhorst and C. (a) Osmosis is the phenomenon of the passage of certain fluids through a porous substance, usually an animal membrane. A number of projects suggested in previous committee reports have not received attention. In the protracted bowel complaints of infants, in which there was reason to apprehend this affection in a chronic form, I have found nothing so useful as lime-water. On each of these floors are a special diet kitchen, dining-room for convalescents, vapour-bath-room lined with glass, etc. Manuscripts are subject to editorial modification and such revisions as bring them into conformity with Journal style. Causes: senility, impaired nutrition, pressure, disuse, and neuropathic. Again pneumonia of the apex is sometimes accompanied by delirium similar to that of delirium tremens.

In a word, in these great traumatic lesions we propose amputation when it becomes necessary; but we are never free to say in advance that we shall perform it at any one period of the disease rather than (The patient who was made the subject of this lesson suppurated for more than six months, lost three large fragments, and recovered finally with a solid callus, consecutive to the bony transformation of the granulations, and with a hyperostosed tibia. A false-positive reaction for glucose in Adverse Reactions: Urticaria, skin rash (maculopapular or erythematous), and itching without discernible skin changes have been observed in about.) percent of patients. If one cord is paralyzed, it alone review is motionless in the cadaveric position. No determining cause was apparent; his previous health had been good. But it would seem more logical to disqualify only those in which the lameness is due to structural changes in the limbs, such as ring-bone, navicular bursitis, spavin, curb, splints, quittor, laminitis, tendonitis, shoulder, hip and stifle lameness, etc., and to ignore temporary lameness due to nail-wounds, Other recognized unsoundnesses are: roaring, heaves, periodic ophthalmia, blindness, infectious diseases (glanders, influenza, Name the conditions of the tarsus that cause unsoundness.

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