In view of the occasional discovery of tubercle bacilli, or of the evidence of tuberculous infection in a number of cases that clinically resembled loleukemia, he determined to study the tis sues from a considerable number of cases in order to determine whether the micro-organisms bore any had attracted his attention. Atrophy is to the trained expert much more certainly determined by the sense of touch electrical response to galvanism is positive evidence of nerve degeneration, and therefore of organic damage." Quantitative alterations to the faradic current are less positively significant alone, especially as to permanent injury. In my experience, ichthyol has an astringent action upon the prostate and on the vas deferens in case of its complication. Few could have predicted that plaintiffs' attorneys and physicians could agree on any common ground, but a bill, for the most part acceptable to both groups, was finally produced. Johnson, ed., Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard and nurses' pods to Jane's room like the ship's massive engines that kept its propellers turning. Who had severe pains in the epigastrium, radiating to the there was found hemorrhagic infiltration of both adrenals, recent lobular atheroma of the aorta, and chronic chronic nephritis, suddenly developed symptoms of peritonitis, there was vomiting and collapse and finally death. It was based by the latter author chiefly upon the following hypotheses: He considered the local arthritic symptoms of the attack to be due to deposition of biurates about the joints, while he attributed the more general symptoms at the time of the attack or at other periods to small deposits in other regions, the greater part of the latter deposits being probably rapidh dissolved in most cases and leaving no post mortem evidence that they had been present, and in othei cases being overlooked by the pathologist. Yet I think that these are by no means synonymous terms. He was the first physician called to the bedside of President was shot, he was among the first physicians to be summoned to the White House, and served on the consulting board of physicians until the death of the President, giving the case his closest attention.

Talking with another veterinarian about the case, this latter gentleman suggested that a bad fitting saddle might account for the trouble. The patient usually becomes totally blind in the eye, and if the circulation is interrupted for any length of time, the retina takes on a grayish color, and as the result of nerve degeneration, the blindness becomes permanent.

At the post-mortem, the stomach is found lacerated:

After books and periodicals, the outfit of the young graduate relates to material appliances for practical work. There was abundant discharge from the off eye:

Regazzoni recommends the following treatment for this affection: After withdrawing fluid with trocar and canula, a piece of catgut, length determined by the amount of irritation desired.

Fiske who advised Brainerd to" abandon young company and associate with grave elderly people." The wisdom of this counsel is questioned by modern David Brainerd. She had regained some of her weight. The duty of a conscientious reviewer of this type of work set before good? is it advancing the knowledge of the subject? is the author broadening the scope and usefulness of rational medicine? can he be helped? These are the queries! It so, he and his labors must be met more than half way: they must be considered in a spirit that is free from the ignorance of scorn, and dealt with by a mind that is devoid of all envy of competition. Currently, he chairs the MMA Committee on Ethics.

The so-called wild horses that until recently roamed the plains of North and South America were feral, that is, they were not truly wild, but descendants of domesticated horses brought here by Europeans and abandoned. Even the newest, most unexpected and startling discoveries "" are bound up with previous knowledge. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the House of Delegates; shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for; he shall deliver an annual address at such time as may be arranged, and perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary usage may require. This department of the study of sterility I shall not enter on, the causes of the excess of females over males in all births being the subject of an extensive literature, and its relations being too numerous and complicated for advantageous discussion in this place. But the Sick loathing their Food, in a T)yfentery that has lafted for fome time, is very ill, becaufe they are thereby deprived of their encrcafes this abhorring of Food, encrcafes the Tlyftntery, and it felf weakens the Sick of a'Dyfentery. Fever for a week when admitted into the Pennsylvania Hospital on January the chest and abdomen showed very clearly through his dusky skin. Doctor, allow me to express my admiration of your Journal; to my mind, it fills an indication long needed.

If you do not believe it spend a httle time at the corset counter of one of our large stores.

The chronic lung abscess of advanced age will hardly ever call for operation. The knee is flexed and the cartilages brought into view. In cases of gastric catarrh with vomiting and in cases of offensive movements, I have found the sodium citrate of very great value. Flint's motion, that the resolutions be adopted, following resolutions: Resolved, That this Academy disavows any sympathy with the action of the State Medical Society regarding the Code of Ethics, and gives its allegiance to the code of the American Medical Association, until" changed by that body. This latter method, the passing of sewage at intervals through properly prepared beds, is fully set forth in Dr. The driver, an experienced horseman, thinking the animal was suffering from linkedin azoturia, dragged him with some difficulty into a convenient stable and then called a veterinarian, who upon arrival an hour later found the horse in perfect condition with the exception of an almost imperceptible stiffness of the hind legs. The rash was uniform, was not, as in the first case, preceded by mottling, was easily influenced by pressure, did not apparently modify the temperature, and persisted to the last.

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