- lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women, St. The treatment is the ordinary treatment of chlorosis: it consists in the administration of arsenic and iron; rest at first and exercise later; careful non-fattening diet and saline purgatives (

It is not believed that the protective influence of the vaccine is in the least diminished by this treatment.

The rib was found to be above an inch long and projecting directly forwards so that its point impinged upon the lower part of the plexus.

Often the late eases The increase of sugar in the cerebrospinal fluid may last as long as seven months. Many systems as to the rules and regulations of the sick and injured are in force, each year being perfected by past experiences. It was found that the occurrence of spasms could not be prevented by removal of the cerebrum or optic lobes; but they never appeared after separation of the medulla oblongata from the m. On the third day the patient had a rigor, followed by a rise of temperature to ciireted, without disclosing any placental tissue or debris. He is said to have usually combed his hair during his morning walk in the fields. So strongly marked were the signs of tubal pregnancy that the abdomen was opened; instead of pregnancy a small cyst of the ovary was found. Two months later menstruation.stopped; and after another month collapse suddenly set in. As to the origin of these cases, rheumatic fever is the most common condition giving rise to pericarditis and pleurisy.

No regard is paid to her menstruation. Then immediately the cell-wall becomes coloured and distinctly visible, the nucleus more so, and lastly, the brilliant little macula is is added. Sufficient to establish a variety, and a consequent difference in treatment thus, we hear of a mucous fever, because the tongue has happened to be very white; of a bilious fever, because it has chanced to be yellow; or a putrid, or typhus fever, because these instances the state of the stomach was most probably, may have been the same; differing only in the degree, or the activity of the inflammation, which was the original cause of the constitutional symptoms; and which has these several states of the tongue very constantly, if not invariably, as attendants. The peritonitis is rarely acute, and the pain is often brought out only by palpation in the course of examination or treatment. Llemoglol)in determinations vary but sliglilly during the lattri- part cif prrgiiancy and imnu'diately following rise in rcil cell resistance to sapdidxin.

The larger vessels were tied off with catgut from time to time. It is generally, yet not uniformly, augmented by exercise, especially riding in a carriage, or on horseback. If tlie bladder has been evacuated and washed before the introduction of the catheters it is claimed that the urine will be drawn from the two sides unmixed, and the condition of the secretion of the two kidneys may then be compared. It luis received the endorsement of every medical therefore a seltish bill, but one intended wholly for the protection of every citizen in the State against clMi-lataiis and qiuicks. That the local application of the poison gives only a local reaction is shown by the taking of blood pressure tracings during the experiment.

The solution in which a minimal degree of hemolysis occurred was taken as the resistance point of the red cells. Of the few that we have had some have become (juite regular patients. In linkedin an ordinary case, where the wound is entirely closed, I rarely dress till the fifth or sixth day; I then remove half the sutures; on dressing again in three or four days I remove the rest, strapping up carefully after each dressing with strong broad straps of adhesive plaster, which is much better than any soft form of roller bandage, as the firm support of the plaster does not allow the intestines to become distended with gas. The patient prefers to lie upon her back, with the thighs flexed on the abdomen, as usually observed in cases of peritonitis; and there is often considerable distension of the intestines by flatus: The joints show varying pathological pictures; often all the varieties described may be found in the different joints of uric-acid salts in the periarticular tissues.

And every person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars or imprisoned not exceding six months, or be both fined and imprisoned, in the discretion of the court." From this date the provisions of this section relative to the registration of midwives will be rigorously enforced. It is being prescribed daily for these affections in almost every country Also contains the RESINOL MEDICATION, and it is the only Soap that should be used in bathing by persons affected by any skin trouble whatever; for it not only assists in the cure, but also prevents the recurrence and development of many skin affections. The prognosis as regards liearing is not good.

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