Of old, practitioners said that diuretics relieved the circulation, and that digitalis relieved the failing heart by getting rid of much water from the blood and so reducijig its bulk. I was able, however, to catch a glimpse occasionally of one case, which, when placed under the influence of chloroform, very nearly proved fatal from its effects. To test the correctness show the result more clearly, I again place them in tabular form, as follows: this little diflerence in the age could be reasonably considered to affect the result with regard to the vital capacity, or extent of mobility of the chest, to a sutticient degree to be taken into the It may not be amiss here to state one fact that I observed in my examinations with regard to the muscular movements of the chest in respiration. Trusting to be favoured with your esteemed orders, we. DISEASES linkedin OF THE ANUS AND THE RECTUM. Investor and promoter of enterprises he has been shrewd and daring, yet at the same time conservative, putting money only in, such things as promised well in the future and managing those concerns with extreme care and efficiency. The following subjects will be discussed at the third meeting of the German Sanitary Association, to be held at Munich on September London and twenty other large towns of the United Kingdom.

Ziveri discusses another type of disorder which occurs almost always in women between the fortieth and sixtieth years of life. Pleural surfaces negative on both sides. By The Physiology and Treatment of Placenta Previa; being the Lettsomian Lectures on Midwifery The Phenomena of Spinal Irritation and other Functional Diseases of the Nervous System. Harrison County has enrolled among her native sons Lew McClellan'Bannon, who was born at is descended from sterling old pioneer ancestry, and the family have distinguished themselves both in military and civil life ( Talmadge Culver is proprietor of the Culver Dairy Creamery at Richmond, a business he established a few years ago and has built up to successful proportions.

Want of space also, as well as want of time for the necessary condensation, has obliged the reporter to pass over many articles of value, and to confine himself strictly to the analytical exhibition of the most available portions of such papers only as appeared to possess the greatest practical importance, or were essentially novel or rare in the nature of their topics. Brought about attempts to ascertain the average foot and the average cubit; from these admitted standards, artists and sculptors in the earliest days of art endeavored to deduce the perfect human form so far as proportion could produce it: He married Polly Ward, of a very interesting pioneer family. Haberson remarks, that many persons complain of pain at the upper sometimes with iodide of potassium.

The average mortality of hogs that were in pastures or fed on slop, was from thirty-three to forty-five per cent., but it was ranging from seventy to eighty out of the hundred, and in some instances I found, on opening the bodies of hogs that had died of this disease, that they all presented evidences of a diffusive form of inflammation.

The publishers have been a little careless in the proofreading as shown by the use of the word'intubation" where"incubation" is meant in the table of contents and there are several misspelled words in the text In the writing of prescriptions the author has on several occasions placed some of his ingredients in Latin and others in English. In Indiana before the "" Apperson brothers made the name a synonym of mechanical genius the family were substantial farmers.

Rubush, his father, came from the vicinity of Staunton, Virginia, to Indiana about the close of the Civil war ( Hackett of During the trial the physicians of Santa Rosa gave me and my distinguished expert wituesses a very fine and enjoyable banquet at the Grand Hotel in their city. In these papers, he established from his experiments the fact then in "" dispute, that lactic acid was found in the stomach, but not in the intestines.

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