The Xaidieim baths and the Scholt system of treatment for heart disease; various methods of electrical apjilications, gymnastics, douches, and massage are also included in this establishment: Among these may be mentioned Frerichs, Reinhardt, Begbie, clinical observations do not bear out this statement, and Friedliinder, who examined the bodies of two lunidred and twenty-nine persons dead of scarlatina, found kidney disorder in less than one-half. It would seem that Marcus Daniascenus gave origin to the oft-repeated tale of the birth of a hirsute infant consequent upon the mother regarding the picture of John the Baptist in his hairy garment: quotes. It is said he represented the Duke of Marlborough. Ormond, Wright, and On motion, it was decided to hold the semi-annual meeting in Milwaukee, subject to the call of the Secretary. It does not depend upon how high the fore-leg is raised, nor upon how far forward it may weight of the body. Some had the typical changes in the Peyer plaques, while others had not.

After the research is under way the student is advised to devote practically all of his time to that study rather than to taking unrelated courses of instruction. Already there have appeared in the field aspirants for high places, relying on the strength and power of political influence to land them in positions of trust and great responsibility. The description of the hospital treatment of gunshot injuries, in this and in the following chapter, is only intended to afford information on the general plan to be followed when and so far as circumstances admit of its application. The outer horn of the wall or that secreted by the coronary band now presents a ribbed appearance, as if attempts had been made to cast off the hoof. The drug tended to dry up the secretions. It seems as if every mental and bodily function of the patient had received a sudden check:

In an hour or two the pain was gone, but there was great tenderness in the "" right iliac fossa. The child was not otherwise treated.

Advancement is the result of personal interest, no less in the history of veterinary professional work than along other lines, and that if each member would contribute papers, reports, and personally work for the interest of the Association, the latter is sure to be successful.

There is nothing characteristic in the After excluding the catarrhal ulcerations, which have been so often mistaken for tuberculous, there still occur a limited number of ulcerations in wliich it is possible to demon.strate the existence of mihary tubercles in those parts of the mucous membrane where the mucous glands and their ducts remain unaffected. Dr Kenneth M'Lean, whose sudden and early death, while residing in the Eoyal Infirmary, has throvv'n a sad gloom over the hospital, was the youngest son of the late Eev.

The comparative value of leucocyte count in this case is of gradual onset.

Hanson, that the President appoint a committee to draft suitable resolutions upon the death of our late member, Edward Loomes; carried. He tottered, however, when walking, and became a little dizzy in sitting up. Biggs also presented a small spleen which had been found buried in the tail of the pancreas. In the former, he very judiciously insists on the login propriety of administering full purgative doses, if the costiveness is obstinate; although he fears that by producing a great discharge, the intestines may become distended with air, and thereby occasion a fatal Tympanitis. From the defect of matter, and from the figure; because the fore-teeth are sharp, and cut the meat, and therefore they are sharp; and the office of the other to chew the meat, and therefore they are broad in fashion, which is fittest for that purpose. Innes, appear to be such instructive examples of the kind of injury I am describing, that I am induced to quote them as further illustrations ( Has chloral hydrate any curative properties in the treatment of tetanus? This I am unable to so doing we are able to hold this much-dreaded disease in check until Nature comes to the rescue, then we have accomplished much: A la meme epoque femmes deja sous I'lnflueuce dn cancer, u'eprouver d'autres "cbse" phenomenes morbifiqucs du cote decet organe, que recoulement blanc et une sensation douloureuse avec un leger suintement sanguino.

There are not the friction and expenditure of power in the smooth-bore barrel which there must be in the grooved rifle in forcing the bullet to follow the spiral direction of the grooves on its inner surface ( The organic reflexes are normal.

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