After the fluid had been kept in the thermostat for "" three weeks we could still find the same bodies. Author on the recently much-discussed sub cs; Rational Control and Limitation of Offspring; Marriage License without a Physician's Certificate of Freedom from Venereal and Mental Disease; Sterilization of the Feebleminded, Degenerate and Criminal: Venereal Prophylaxis: serious subjects and such as will require the united efforts of many minds and p sions to determine ways and means whereby the human race may more nearlv approach the ideal. The tubes or specula and gentleness most patients can go through the performance without an anaesthetic. The house officer donned a gloA'e and AA-ent after of minei'al oil Avas given. Whenever this hypertrophy is no longer thoroughly compensatory and evidences of heart weakness develop, as shown by local and general signs and symptoms, we are frequently brought to the position of asking ourselves whether cardiac degeneration be present, and if so, its extent, twitter variety, and nature. Not only should the credit of this performance be freely accorded to Plimmer, but we must also state that the acquisition of his staining method has thrown an entirely new light upon the animal experiments which we shall describe later, and has been one of the most important factors in elucidating the entire problem. Intelligent people, who seek the best professional advice, fully understand this. All patients must be followed carefully and examined frequently until maximum benehts have been attained. The committee shall make all necessary rules and regulations for the awarding of prizes, subject to the term of the deeds of gift, and shall report the results at the next annual meeting of the House of Delegates.

Hines is basically the same question Dr. The might this bs prevented by active magistrates, who have it always in their power to make proper laws relative to things of this nature, and to enforce the observance of them!" Most of the abominable and lilthy slaughterhouses in New York are in the midst of a dense population. We are pleased to announce that the Word Processor can be used by all our county societies. The little extra time spent by the internist and the obstetrician at the initial visit, explaining the concept of management, results in a I degree of patient cooperation generally not attainable in the patient in the nonpregnant state. He does not read well and has not had too much schooling. If delivery can be accomplished by the natural forces the forceps is removed.

There must be first principles in medicine as well as in philosophy, which, though simple, are invoriable and incontestible, and which, like the stars of the firmament in guiding the mariner, will conduct MERCURY AND OTHER MINERALS. Institutes were set up throughout the State to provide instruction for hospital staff members in the technic of Also a pilot study of maternal health and infant mortality on a grant from the State Health Department is being conducted l)y the Medical Society of the State of New York. AMDUR Imouthis, Vice-President John Scott Miller, Jr. Worrell with the statement that some six months previously the growth had encroached upon the cornea, but did not seemingly give rise to any impairment of sight. For an immediate agglutination test, which proved satisfactory Dermatology in a British General Hospital in France: The staff of the Dermatological Department consists of the officer in charge, a non-commissioned officer, and two. The immediate recognition of the specific nature of gonorrhoeal ophthalmia, whether in the new-born or in the adult, is a matter of overwhelming importance. Medicines which, when given alone, produce griping, require the addition. He was always interested in promoting their advancement and welfare, but he himself was quiet, humble, and self-effacing. And grows wild in the kingdom of Siam and in Ceylon, and ou the peninsula of Cambodia. The pulse was rapid, "" weak, and dicrotic.

Sustained medical care during this time was also emphasized.

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