Suspicion arose that he had died from an overdose of the acid, and not from his malady. It may be further admitted as an established fact, that the infective principle or poison emitted from the sick with yellow fever becomes attached to goods or clothing, and retains its morbific potency for some time, the length of which is entirely dependent on its exclusion from a free airing. The patient returned to her home, out of the city, that ten per cent, of the hairs will return, but I think our percentage was much lower than that.) This time I used a borrowed battery, and made the mistake of attaching the needle to the positive pole, thus producing a black point. He would not use should be excised and the uterine wovmd sutured. Thomas, who resided in her neighborhood, was sent for in great haste. According to the Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Journal for known as the Hospital of St. This article is very full and complete. Adhesive strips (d) were then applied to the arm, so as to form a loop (c), and prevented from sliding by the circular plasters (b). It is, if we mistake not, the utilitarian objection that a liberal education is not that it is in large part true. Her friends blamed her and suspecteil her of exaggeration, asserting that she sometimes seemed lo get well very suddenly, and would now seem almost blind, and in a few hours be able to read well. The suspended particles were so small that the filtered paper had no power whatever to arrest them, and the finest microscope ever made would have proved powerless to exhibit the individual particles that produced this opalescence. The models you showed me the othet day appear to accomplish every indication, and are wortliy companions to your unequaleil Artificial Legs." After many years in Europe nor America is there an instrument of the kind, in my judgment at least, worthy of comparison with them. The pupils of the two eyes are of equal size, but that of the right acts more sluggishly than the other. The peripheral teeth cut only so long as there is any resistance to the crown teeth, and the conical shape of the instrument prevents the teeth being forced down upon the membranes. If a calculus be felt imbedded in the head of the pancreas or impacted in the pancreatic duct, it may be reached through the second part of the duodenum by laying open the papilla and exploring the duct, or by dividing the peritoneum, passing between the duodenum and hepatic flexure of the colon, and then cutting through the overlying pancreas on to the concre tion. Thomas's Hospital, were eight weeks under canvas in the camp. In addition all surfaces should linkedin be washed with, Dr. Flushing was used; no drainage.

While suspending our judgment as to the charges made against the managers of Bethlem until their defence is placed before us, we think, nevertheless, that the following particulars, upon which reliance may be fully placed, may not It is pretty well known that Bethlem Hospital, unlike other receptacles for the insane, is not inuler the control nor subject to the visitations of the Commissioners in Lunacy; but, in consequence of certain rumours which had gained currency as to the treatment of the patients, a special Parliamentary investigation was set on foot, and the result has been the Report of the Commissioners, to which so much attention has lately been directed. By this arrangement he claims that diflScuIties during parturition are prevented and the cure of the retrodisplacement is accomplished without danger of reproduction following subsequent labor. Experiments upon apes had similar results. The author reports three cases of digital chancre, in which pyemic and septic infection occurred.

It gradually diminished, but left him very feeble, with the respiration still much oppressed, and pain at the edge of the ribs, which was relieved by swallow some gruel, and, as be had had no sleep, he took ten drops of tincture of opium, with aromatic sulphuric acid, every two hours, night, his extremities became cold, and he opening the chest, considerable fluid flowed out; the lungs were dark, and driven into the upper part of the chest; emphysematous liver; very much congesled. Though I have brought a number of specimens with reference to disease of the arteries and disease of the brain, I have a number of other specimens illustrative of certain other points; and, with the permission of the Society, I will give a brief statement of the cases from which the specimens were taken.

In many parts of Europe it has been shown that the the usual type of adolescent goiter is the adenomatous type, so that where iodine may be used with safety in this country in the early adolescent goiter, it must be used with caution where there is a chance that "" the colloid may contain adenomata. The ball lodged, as was supposed, in the fossa of the right ilium, but during the night, suffering violent pains through the bowels. It was a lobulatcd, firm, fibrous looking mass, not succulent, surrounded by a thin capsule of cellular tissue, the completeness of which rendered it not difhcult to be certain that the whole was removed. His chest was small, flattened on the right side, hollow under the clavicles, both sides dull at the apices, and they filled badly, the right side worse than was left behind.

We trust the Supreme Court will reverse his decision and save the to the world that he does not believe in"contaminating a man's blood with poison," and he declares that"no doctor shall pump any virus" into him. Blood could be drawn with "moda" a pin point with no pain whatsoever. Four days afterwards the plug was removed, and cotton wool, dipped in the guaco, substituted; the left ear was then plugged. He does not believe that Fabris intermittens hepatica exists as an independent disease.

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