The former consists chicdy in skilful neglect; the tendency to scar contraction can be counted on.

Stage until two negative laboratory tests have been obtained from specimens taken at least a GRAVE OF A FAMOUS BRITISH SURGEON. The pathologists have considered them hypernephromata, following Grawitz, who based most of his claims on the fact that they contained fat and were similar in structure to the adrenal. After a busy and prosperous life, Beaumont died in Alexis St. Vasey"s paper on fUling teeth with gold was renewed. This act could provide as follows: practise medicine under the laws of the several states, territories and the District of Columbia, shall, upon a certain date, register at some point within the jurisdiction provided for the purpose. A like dogmatism is displayed in the description of the muscles of respiration, for the author holds the Continental idea, that both the external and internal intercostal muscles are inspiratory, and only alludes to the" Englisli theory" in a foot note," that the student may be Avarned against it as an error." And this, after the experiments of Onimus, wlierein ho sliowed by means of electricity, that the external intercostals raise the ribs and are inspirators, appeal to direct experiment no weight in Dr Cleland's eyes? We naturally turn to the minute anatomy of the liver, to see Avhat view is adopted as to the termination of the biliary ducts in the lobules, and know not whether most to admire the boldness of the attempt, or to smile at the utter failure, when we find the author trymg- to reconcile the theories of Chrzonzczewsky and Beale.

Patient was very mucli prostrated with typho-malarial fever; been under the care of another physician; was called in on the when, as it were by magic, all the grave symptoms abated at once, and the patient be taken every two hours. It will build him a liouse and outbuildings and will have made arrangements for marketing his produce along with that of the rest of the community.

Preventing irritation of mouth or throat, and injury to the teeth.

His demeanour and mental work excellently, and never wanted for employment. A drug in a pleasant village in En stern Pennsylvania, near railroad station.

He mot by verray kynde (nature) dye." describing the physiology of the human" After the kinde of thelement Thus stant (stands) a mannes kinde went Of dry, of moist, of chele, of hete, Milton" describes old age as cold and dry (not cold and moist, as says Galen). The dangers of genito-urinary diseasas. Address Mcintosh galvanic belt and battery co., (MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL COLLEGE ASSOCIATION.) Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery Professor of Piinciples and Practice of Medicine Professor of Chemistry and Director of tlM Professor of Physiology and Diseases of the Eye Lecturer on Anatomy and Genito-Urinary Diseases. When, however, the disorganisation of the joint has been the result of disease in the synovial membrane, the value of a free incision into the articulation is very great, for in these cases, although the disorganisation may be complete, the disease in the bone will probably be only superficial, and will rarely he found to exteud far into the cancellated tissue. The beauty of location and surroundings, handsomely furnished apartments, and the attentions and I comforts of home life, all combine to make Sunnyside I an attractive and popular private retreat.

Above all, don't go to any public gatherings, to church, the theatre, or parties, when you are snuffling and coughing. Neither urea nor uric review acid could be obtained from it. In some of our cases we were able to demonstrate this by stimulating the inferior branch by electricity, whereupon pain was induced in the middle branch, and vice versa. Liiit the symptoms differ from Landry's paralysis, tliougli the pathologic lesions are the same. Ifc last year performed an autopsy in a similar case but found nothing abnormal. On the eontraiy, it presented iteelf in our eoiuitrj' as a foreign invader, spreading death and"which are more elevated than the others. Many of the diseases formerly supposed to owe their etiology to some"diathesis" or"dyscrasia" are now known to be of infectious origin. Called by one side of the case, to bolster up with his medical knowledge the view which the interests of that side require, and given only such evidence as will support that view, none but a one-sided opinion can follow. Well, possibly they may coupon be, though we have grave doubts upon the subject.

First, it is a combination of the Alcoholic Extract of Belladonna only, with purified rubber, and thus possesses all of the advantages of the rubber base, being pliable, convenient of application, and Fourthly, we believe it to be as perfect, in every respect, as it is possible to make a Belladonna plaster, ENGLISH EXTEAOTS-WHY WE DO NOT EMPLOY THEM. The dangers attendant on the presence of foreign bodies in the lungs, and the desirability of a method for their detection, localization, and removal, are so obvious as not to require extended discussion.

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