There was no evidence of any fracture, but the man suffered greatly from dyspnea, pain between the shoulders, and collapse: Horace Bradley of Windsor, Mo., sent in the following report of his investigation of eight herds: was injected, and there was no further loss. Our McGill friends have improved their Calendar considerably this year, but that of Bishop's University still bears off the palm of being the neatest and best arranged Medical College Calendar issued in Canada, COLLEGE OF PHYSICIA.NS AND SURGEONS, PROVINCE OF QUEBEC.

" Blind Tom" illustrates a condition of partial development of the brain, in which the musical talent was in excess, and absorbed all the mental power that was in him, and shows to us the extent to which our ordinary faculties are capable of expanding under favorable circumstances. At end of some hours, fever; redness of fauces; pain referred to pomum Adami; difficulty of breathing and swallowing; considerable anxiety; hoarseness, or even complete loss of voice.

Glaisher, than whom no one is more competent to speak on this point', recommends two thermometers, the one with a wetted bulb. Sometimes the sound can be heard at some distance; a patient may hear such a sound himself, and voluntarily produce it by shaking his trunk, to the astonishment of bystanders. They were very seldom found in the ganglion cells of the sympathetic. Accessory or Adventitious Respiratory Sounds Audible in Disease In addition to the natural breath sounds (vesicular and bronchial breathing) and the changes these undergo in disease, certain sounds arising inside and out-idc the lung, wholly additional to those described ai, i, now be con-idercd. Perversion of the tactile sense, or wrong reference to the sensation of pain, has occasionally been noticed ( She says that she feels well; her appetite is good; the bowels are regular; she has no headache; and does not suffer in the least from the secondary disturbiinces of the remedy. Arresteil enscH in tlicKe luo InHtitiitioiiH iniieh resembjch wliiil, the increase in weight in all quite equals the amount seen in the most favourable cases in foreign institutions. They are, of course, all required to be vaccinated before admission to the school. During the past year, in the discharge of my official duties, I have lectured or visited schools, attended institutes, and consulted with school officers, in the following counties, viz. - and was a soldier at the battle of Hochstadt; he never drank strong liquors and rarely ate meat; eight days before his death he walked Bridget Devine, the well-known inhabitant of Olean Street, Manchester, thirty-one. Singing noises and deafness sometimes due to decayed teeth. The tachycardia may give way to an outspoken bradycardia, or to arhythmia. He finally settled in the neighborhood of Queenstown, in the establishment of the Upper Canada School of Medicine, and which became the Medical Faculty of Trinity College.

Accomplish much good in such circumstances by kindly and judiciously suggesting better ways, and then firmly requiring that the changes he suggests be made. It is the varying amount of these different ingredients, especially the moisture; which, added to the constantly changing temperature density, motion, electric condition, light, magnetism, and so forth, which combine to form those many and widely different varieties and characteristics of air found in different places and conditions of latitude and altitude; or even in the same place at different times, to which we give the terms atmosphere, weather, season, and climate. It consists of a narrow portion, about the size of a large catheter, and just six inches in length; the remainder gradually dilates to form the part which tits into the receiving locket of the lantern. Innumerable ulcers wore present over the whole colon. Both Hippocrates and Aristotle discuss somnambulism, and it is said that the physician Galen was a vic tim of this "" habit.

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