No attempt was made to deal with the intestinal perforation, as being so small it would probably close of itself Later it became necessary to make a second incision about two centimetres inside of the anterior superior spine of the ilium, as the upper part of the abscess was not sufficiently drained through the The patient's general condition now quickly improved, the temperature returning to normal.

The latter was found to resemble apomorphia ascertaining to what extent arsenic is used by American physicians in the treatment of skin diseases, and also the results of their experience as to its therapeutical Information upon the following points is requested of every physician who reads this: Are you in the habit of employing arsenic, generally, in the treatment of skin diseases? In what diseases of the skin have you found arsenci of superior value to other remedies? What ill efifects, if any. If the moist pastures and climatic conditions provide environment favorable for propagation of coccidia, severe outbreaks of this serious, dangerous disease must be looked for among our valuable herds of ruminants.

These were returned by the same channel without delay. You will treat these cases, then, on the same principle as you would pyaemia. If urine of such specific gravity contain a moderate quantity of albumen, the "application" addition of an equal bulk of nitric acid causes the solution of the first precipitate, and a perfectly clear liquid is obtained.

On opening the thoracic aorta, perforations were also detected with clots round them and reddish worms were found passing through them. For inftance, fome alkalies, according to our chymifls, others, like fait of urine or hartfhorn, are exceedingly fugitive, and others, as fpirit of blood and hartihorn, precipitate fuch a folution into gold readily, diffoives mercury but imperfedly, and filver not at all. If placed upon a convex surface and this be slightly revolved, he will endeavor to balance himself. Befides, in fome places, the diifcrent folidity, or porofity of the earth, as alio the nature of fome falts, marcalites, and other bodies contained in it, may differently difpofe the foil to cold or heat. Many of the cases which have been cured of diseases endangering life still suffer pain. Such bricks, alfo, as lye near the top oT the kila, in burring, are apt to fsril, when they come to be expofed to the and, probably, upon the diSerent mixtures hereof a'., the local abilities of that fluid depend- A phyficlan acquainted me, that about three following fommer, in the lame city: his reafon was, that having once had a peftilential tumour, in a former great plague-leafon, two other leis The bare local motion of the air may, in particular cafe, operate upon bodies, either by being changed into wind, modified into ibcnd, Nat.Hist. An erroneous interpretation of experhuents of SchifF and Ludwig has given rise to a premature theory attributing this form to three pricking of the fourth ventricle; but of these the last alone has that are most rarely accompanied by albuminuria. The usefulness of the book might be still further increased if there were a table of contents for convenience of reference. Moreover, it may be doubted whether the ferment in question is the actual agent which curdles milk on its passage into the stomach; for the acid of the gastric juice, which also curdles milk, would prob.ably be beforehand with it, inasmuch as its action is a good deal ptition more prompt than that of the ferment. During the last few hours of life, much thick viscid iihlegm was petition expectorated.

Toward midnight her condition improved, and though she did not recover consciousness, she moved her head slightly from time to time. This process consists in the the serum of the infused animal is fit for use. Of these we shall irive a treated by forced version; two by version, the os being favourably disposed for that operation; one by rupturing membranes; and one by rupturing membranes and then craniotomy. In four weeks, the wounds were almost healed, and she began to do some knitting; and, in seven weeks from the date of the operation, she left the hospital greatly restored in health, the wounds being quite he.iled, and both fingers and hand possessing It is now three years since the operation was done. Law had shown one that escaped through an ulcer in the groin where an ileo-ca-cal abscess had opened. Deforming arthritis, if the result of irritative states of the nervous system, is anomalous in being as a rule the only manifestation of such condition. The tumour is larger than half an android orange, but is perfectly returnable within the chest. Between July and years more than four-fifths were of foreign bu'th.

Louis Justice Kugg handed down the following as a part of the findings"As the plaintiff on a wet November afternoon was driving at a moderate speed, his horse stepped on a rail of one of the defendant's tracks in a public way; a spark came from the rail, the horse stopped suddenly, went backward a little and then fell and died.

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