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In the discount cases described all of the tumor could not be removed without amputation of the limb.

Not enough is said about packing a wound which is bleeding and the after treatment of hemorrhage is not sufficiently In giving infusion of salt solution, the author favors the use of an antitoxine syringe and condemns the usual method as tedious, painful and requiring the undivided attention of the Burns and scalds in the main are well dealt with, but we must take exception to the summary condemnation of all ointments: The author holds that greasy substances favor suppuration, and that where they have been applied an anssthetic should be given and the burned surface thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.

The author's views on the utter futility and often harmtulness to young children of day excursions during the summer, as well as his plea that the stay of children in the various fresh air institutions should be code determined by the condition of the patient, are noticed with great satisfaction. To what extent is it necessary to provide bile drainage in cases in which there are no stones in the common duct? Cholecystostomy drains the hepatic ducts by the escape of bile to the surface, and all of experience have seen a patient doing badly, suddenly relieved by a discharge of bile in a previously dry wound.

In the discussion of this subject, at the instance of DujardinBeaumetz, by the Paris Congress of Therapeutics a few years ago, Lepine stated that his investigations showed conclusively that all antipyretics, the effect of which is so palpably soothing to the nervous system, act by inhibiting the activity of the protoplasm; they destroy chiefly the red corpuscles, either by converting the haemoglobin or by attacking the cell structure itself; they act as poison to the protoplasm. When the temperature is very high, a warm bath is an There are few febrile diseases of children in which I do not prescribe such baths, and usually with the most satisfactory results. The internal mammary artery lies nearer to the sternum, and thus is in no danger of being wounded.

The discharge was a bland yellow Steady improvement in the patient's condition ensued, the pulse increasing in strength, and the temperature falling was applied from the toes to the pelvis to formed over the head of the tibia, was opened, and after that the limb was dressed antiseptically every second or During January the wound firmly healed with the exception of a small sinus at the outer angle, which did not, however, appear to lead to carious bone. An attempt should be made to stop the bleeding by astringents, the most powerful of which is a mixture of lead acetate, morphine acetate, and diluted acetic acid in water, or leadand-opium pill, or lead acetate suppositories; or an ice-bag may be applied to the right iliac fossa.

Ilall, in his Journal of Health remarks as follows:" This idea of the hygienic value of money on men is strikingly illustrated in the report of M. Under thyroid mcdicatinn the skin had become notably less soft, and showed a brownish pigmentation. No food should be given till late in third day, unless the patient is a child, previously an invalid, or unless a weakened and hurried pulse admonishes us that the fast cannot be longer endured.

The distinction must be made by the differences in morphology. This method is found to be very applicable to cases in which the sac can be entirely emptied primarily or after freeling slight adhesions. Hughlings Jackson does not venture to say; there is no evidence of tumour, unless the limitation of the spasm is some empirical evidence of it. The milk dealer who has been the unwilling cause of all this mischief, derived his supply partly from his own cows and partly from a farm some miles distant. The abdomen and chest were examined for rose-coloured spots, but none were detected; considerable tympanitic distension was noticed with gurgling on pressure over the ileo-csecal valves.

Let the history of this error prevent a similar one occurring to any of you. The volume has been increased one-fifth in size. It should be open for clinical advantages to all the regular medical schools of the city. The following verses were read at the unveiling of a memorial window in stained glass in the Ulster Medical Institute of Belfast, Ireland, only a short time ago. An idea of the peculiarities of the absolute galvanometer,' contrasted with' We object to the use of this term, absolute galvanometer, because the measurements obtained by the use of galvanometers of any description are simply comparative and not absolute.

There was no doubt but that the cells were those of striated muscle, though most of them were of a more embryonic type.

The use of Harris' and the other newer vesical segregators does not seem to be mentioned, nor is the value of cryoscopy in determining the functional efficiency of the"other kidney" indicated. Xone of the paroxysms reported in these cases has been studied from the physiological standpoint, and their mode of onset and subsidence has not been considered.

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