This volume contains the papers read before the College from January Mitchell, since deceased, contributed a short reference to the Hospitals at A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY THE USES OF PETROLEUM IN THE TREATMENT OF CONSTIPATION AND OTHER DISEASES IN INFANTS (Victoria Park). The following makes a very excellent kind of diet: Boil buttermilk, thicken with rye tlour and Indian meal equal parts. It is obvious that persons with this affliction are exposed to many dangei'S of accident in crowded thoroughfares or in the path of moving vehicles not incidental to a liearing person.

As the intersection in the omo-hyoid was clearly the representative of the ordinary intermediate tendon, a, clue is afforded by this abnormality to the significance of two bellies in these two-bellied muscles. Among Virchow's great works may be counted his famous museum, which when he first became professor Virchow is not merely the greatest of living pathologists-, he has for half a century been equally prominent in his own country as a politician. Accidentally by the patients themselves but the exact source of the bleeding was seldom determined, even by the physicians, from the physical signs present ( As will be seen by the above my results, although decidedly encouraging, are hardly as satisfactory as some of the reports from abroad. By roUino- the probe backward and forward, or by giving it a drill-like motion, and making a little pressure, and continuing it for some time, it can be introduced even down to the periosteum without exciting much pain; but, if matter or pus has sufficiently formed, it is unnecessary to introduce it so far. A number of these were cases of sore feet anti exhaustion owing to excessive niarchint:. It shot out in front of me with great force. Thus in Ritta, in Philomela, and in Maria, (the right ones of examples above named,) the liver was situated in the left hypocondrium, the stomach in the right; the coecum occupied the left illiac fossa, the sigmoid flexure of the colon was found in the right cavity of the ilium. This partial crossing takes place in such a manner that reaches and supplies the right third of the retina of the left eye, and in consequence leads to the optic center all impressions perceived in the left portion (half as it is called) of the visual field of the left eye. It is by making a curved incision through the tissues behind the auricle, lay the soft parts aside, bore through the coronal cavity on both sides, pass a very slender saw blade through, attach the bone saw and cut two curves, so they will meet, making one side smaller than the other that the section of the cone may be removed. Paralysis of the left ventricle, notwithstanding the integrity of the right, may also hasten the invasion of that oedema. The fourth case is one of embolism of the posterior cerebrals and basilar by two emboli, which first cut off the blood supply from the perforated spaie. All houses, unless where the ground is exceedingly dry, should have the first floor a little raised. Of latency, there occurs a characteristic train of symptoms, on the subsidence of which (as well as during their course) there is an elimination of the poison, which has increased a thousandfold, and is capable of infecting almost an indefinite number of persons with identically the same disease. We are honoured to-day by the visit to our city of one whose services to mankind have been so great, whose life has been so singnlarly devoted to the task of finding out truth and applying that truth to the welfare of his race, one whose work is so widely known and appreciated, that it seems almost an impertinence even briefly to recount it. Konig and Hildebrand have observed reactions in lesions resembling in appearance tubercular affections, but which by other diagnostic aids were shown not to be crossword of a tubercular nature. On the following day, sixteen hours after the operation, sensation was entirely restored in the hand, and a few days later it had quite lost its swollen, bluish appearance. In some the receptaculum burst, and death resulted, but it was in those cases in which there was insufficient lymphatic anastomosis: It is the case, that fevers and other inflammatory diseases are brought to a favourable termination by a spontaneous discharge of this fluid. But the proeess as such is always bound up witli a certain number of living elements, is always cellular in character.

When fever was present, a tea made of amaranthus or crawley, eight parts, sweet spirits of nitre, one part, was administered. Exalgin was of great service in reducing pain, especially in cases of cancer of the stomach. It was treated by ice sponging, ice pack, ice to the liead and neck, with ice trays suspended over the abdomen: and internally mistura diaphoretica, with small doses of potassium bromide. The first few attempts to walk will be accompanied by some pain, and at times this will be great, but it will diminish at each succeeding attempt, and soon become negligible.

It is not only the poet who has to wait and may never see the morning light of recognition break In my mental wanderings amongst these numberless splendid monuments enclosing dead and forgotten thought, I have seen how strong was the resurrective force which now and then existed in some little essay long neglected, how from it, as from seed, arose in after years a fresh growth of vitalizing thought, and how this story repeats itself over and over, until, at last, what one knew and valued becomes the riches of all. It may be partial or cotuplete, simple or compound.

It DIGEST OF CURRENT MEDICAL LITERATURE that arecolin produces immediate and profound bronchoconstriction.


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