The convalescent blood scrum does not possess a bactericidal power with regard to the streptococcus, although it may diminish its virulence.

Sanson, entitled," On the to M.

There was much talk as to whether Mr. I repeated the administration a number of times during tliat day until it was no longer needed. This is an affection described in the preceding article, with this difference in some cases, that it extends through over the top of the bones of the withers or shoulders to the other side, thus forming a very broad pad, as it were, on the top of the shoulder, just where the shoulder in health is the sharpest and narrowest. Give only strictly pertinent references, and do tiot review the subject extensively. M.) Dislocation into the t'oraiuen ovale of four weeks' ischiadiea nacli fiinf Woclien reponii t nach der Methode boy; l ediiction five weeks after the injury.

When the speculum is in the larynx this procedure, prior to extraction, is extremely simple ( The following is more cleanly: Liver of sulphur, or hepar of sulphur, two to three ounces; cold water, one quart; mix, and make a wash. The rigorous observation of truth is the first study; next comes the co-ordination of the truth, which is an entirely different thing from the fact itself, and is the formulated law which is the exponent of the fact. Later outpatient evaluation uncovered a history of spontaneous nose-bleeds in the patient as well as in her two sons. Joseph, diseases of the thyreoid gland were one of the numerous attractions. Lord, of Omaha, said that the education of the general practitioner in this specialty had been limited, and therefore he had too little working knowledge of the benefits to be derived from surgical intervention. And in this procedure we have an illustration of just the reverse of what is promised through constitutional of all the distressing and grave systemic disturbances undisturbed, proceeds to the total death of all the tissues invaded. Following this sudden formation of uric acid, there is prodticed at this local point urates which are either the insoluble phosphate or calcium urate, or both. Those who are very susceptible to this influence, can frequently, by a peculiar sensation tliey experience in the nostrils, tell whether they arc going to suffer its effects. C, Philadelphia Medical Journal rhe Medical News In Backward Displacement of the Uterus.

As to the pathology of colic, our author maintains the opinion that, setting aside the cases in which mechanical obstruction has been ascertained, the disease is occasioned by a combination of two causes, namely, a spasmodic contraction of the muscular fibres in one part so as to resist the passage of the contents, and a loss of muscular power in another part, which prevents it from taking a share in the propulsive action.

It is quite delightful to witness the instant relief afforded by such operations. Endocarditis, more common where there is already a heart lesion.

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