The discrepancy in these views arose from the fact that all previous studies had been made upon post-mortem subjects, in which the delicate cylindrical epithelial covering had been macerated and lost; the later conclusions of Ruge and Veit and Fischel were based upon the study of tissues removed In consequence of the inflammation there is increase in the connective tissue of the cervix, which obstructs the gland-orifice so that retention-cysts are formed, the so-called ovula Nabothi, which not infrequently attain considerable size, and may even dissect well down upon the anterior surface of the vagina. Description, which cannot be standardized, since "" it will vary with each PA. The total paralysis of the internal and external ocular muscles was probably caused by orbital hemorrhage and exudation. The stomach eroids weighed inical experience, gathered by numerous observers id substantiated in a proportion of cases by post ortem findings, points to specificity of the local ibercuHn reactions. The contraction of the spleen became very code marked and this was followed after a time by some relaxation. It is thought a fracture of the temporal bone also occurred. There may be in the same case extensive laceration of the cervix with When the affection is well advanced, it is easy to make a diagnosis of malignant disease by the appearance of the the glandular enlargement, the induration of the parts, the irregular hamorrhages, and the profuse foul-smelling The prognosis is bad, but if the disease be recognized early and the portion involved be entirely removed, the patient may live for years in comfort. Some lymph-spaces were found within the gray and the white matter; few ganglionic sjiaces were present. The first lecture will be given on Sunday afternoon, January gth, by Dr: discount. The tumor was about the size of a tangerine orange.

The faculty shotdd act as an advisory body in such matters, and should demand a certain knowledge of the essential and fundamental branches. The crudeness "" of the mechanism make us smile, for some of our western cases are very little better. A few moments before an attack the pulse disappeared completely, the face grew pale, respiration became deep and stertorous, and consciousness was lost; the urine was passed involtmtarily, and there were slow contortions of the bodv and extremities.

Hgh - the dissection of the tunica propria from the upper surface of the ganglion is never attended with hemorrhage of any consequence.

By this means, and by carefully attending to the hygiene of the eye, they kept the operated animal for months free from ophthalmia. In all doubtful cases the Sims speculum and position should be employed. No change was detected in the eye-grounds. The amount of time required for the success of the manoeuvres varied from fifteen to forty-five minutes, and the weight claimed are avoidance of anaesthesia, simplicity, and The avoidance of anaesthesia is often of very great importance when we are dealing with such an injury as an tmcomplicated dislocation, so that this point is in favor of the new method, especially when we remember that when the weights are attached, there are no painful manipulations to be carried out. The loss of blood from varicose ulcers may be considerable, but it is readily controlled by pressure.


Schwartze, in his"Pathological Anatomy," says:"I myself have seen three cases of primary epithelial cancer of the temporal bone, of which two have been reported, and in all of them the origin of the growths was the tympanic mucous membrane." Wilde, in his text-book, relates a case of osteo-sarcoma REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. In the long run it has been more useful to me than the galvanic or codes sinusoidal. Muscular atrophy of the muscles of the buttock and thigh is uniformly present. Ojihthalmia developed Dijihtheria was present in the pavilion at this time.

The larger one showed trabecular walls and contained a mucopurulent fluid. I the metacarpal bones of the middle than normal; that the metacarpal bones of the ring-fingers of both that the metacarpal bones of the little fingers are slightly reduced in length; that the ends of the middle that the first jihalanges of the middle; fingers are slightly longer than nor-' mal, though that lengthening is, within the limits of normal vaii-l Ciouty finger-tips are so common j that we need do no more than men- j tion them in passing.

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